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Long-Standing Asthma Of 12 Years Treated With Homeopathic Medicines Very Effectively

A 14-year-old male patient, Mast. A.D. (PIN: 37818) visited Life Force Homeopathy with the complaints of Asthma on 28th August 2018.

He had Asthma since his age of 2 years. He was suffering from its attack every month, and it would last for 6-7 days. He had to take Budecort (steroid) and Asthalin inhalers.

His complaints were sneezing, heaviness, itching in the upper back, wheezing, a dry cough, breathlessness, diminished appetite during episodes, reduced thirst during episodes, tightness in the chest, getting easily exhausted, and being allergic to dust/pollen/fragrance.

He was a vegetarian. He had cravings for spicy and sweet foods. He disliked tomatoes.

He was a playful kid. He was irritable, particularly in the mornings. He had the fear of dogs and snakes. He liked to be in the water.

After a detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines to the patient.

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At his first follow-up on 13th October 2018, his condition was as it is. There was not much improvement. He had an attack of asthma which lasted for 7 days and had to take inhalers- Budecort (steroid) and Asthalin.

On 23rd August 2019, the patient reported that he was much better in the last few months and had no episodes. He had also stopped using the inhalers, but, again, for 2-3 weeks, his complaints had increased. He had experienced breathlessness, dry cough, and tightness in the chest, so he had to take inhalers- Budecort (steroid) and Asthalin.

On 14th September 2019, the patient reported that there was no sneezing bothering him anymore. No itching was affecting his upper back. Just discomforts, such as cough, wheezing, and tightness in the chest, were there from 1 month. He was taking only Asthalin inhaler and had stopped using the steroid inhaler.

On 11th April 2020, he said he is completely fine now. Only some complaints of the cold appeared occasionally. He has completely stopped using the inhalers now.

The patient was very satisfied that his complaints of 12 years of chronic asthma were treated completely and is very happy with his progress.


This case illustrates that homeopathy is very effective in treating Allergic conditions, such as Asthma. It reduces its duration and frequency and slowly stops the dependency on steroids.

  • Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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