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A Case Of Severe Urticaria Treated With Immunosuppressants In The Past Finds Excellent Relief With Homeopathy

A 26-year-old male from Kashmir (PIN: 32691) started his treatment from Life Force on 06th July 2017 for his Urticaria.

The patient had been suffering from this problem from January 2016 and was experiencing frequent episodes of Urticaria. He was treated with Cyclosporin, which is an immunosuppressant in April which led to the suppression of his complaints and a state of remission from May 2016 until February 2017.

In March 2017, he had a severe relapse of the condition wherein he would get urticarial episodes daily.

He had a very characteristic sensation of severe pricking pain in the affected areas before the small pinhead-sized maculopapular eruptions appeared.

Another peculiar symptom was that he would also develop hives on slightest pressure and, at times, after the touch of a person as well which is known as the phenomenon of Dermatographism or pressure urticaria. There was intense itching in the eruptions, and, at times, he complained of itching without even any eruptions. He was also experiencing a strong feeling of internal heat. Each episode lasted for around 10-12 hours for which he had to take Dezloratidine or Levocetirizine (anti-histamines).

The eruptions usually appeared on the exposure to heat, sun, doing physical exertion, eating spicy food and mutton, and when the patient went through emotional trauma or stress. His relief was ameliorated with ice application, washing with water, after fanning, or when in an air-conditioned room.

The dryness of the mouth during the episode can be considered as a concomitant symptom which was often noticed by the patient.

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Physical Generals:

He had a mixed diet and had an average appetite. He had cravings for chicken and desired extra salt in food. He had an aversion to sweets. The patient was thermally hot and had no complaints related to bowel, urine, or sleep.

He worked along with his Father and brother in their family business and was unmarried.

The patient was irritable and anxious and often had anticipatory anxiety before an event. He also was quite expressive and precise even when describing the complaints.

He had a strong family history of autoimmune conditions, such as Psoriasis and Diabetes.

Based on his case analysis and evaluation, Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based molecules developed for Urticaria for 8 weeks.


In the first follow-up in the first week of November 2017, when he reported a month late, he showed around 40% overall improvement in his relief. Although the frequency was more or less the same, the duration of attacks reduced to 1-2 hours with a reduction in the severity of his itching, burning, and the pricking sensation before the attacks. More importantly, he was off antihistamines and managing with Homeopathic medicines only. However, his pressure urticaria was as it is. The medicines were repeated for another 8 weeks.

In his second follow-up on 30th January 2018, he showed further improvement and a 50% reduction in both frequency and severity of attacks. The relief in all his symptoms improved by 50%, except for his dermatographism which still troubled him.

In March 2018, the patient became anxious as the summers were approaching and his complaints were highly aggravated in the sun and heat. His improvement had come to a standstill, and his medicines were revised accordingly.

In April 2018, the patient called to inform that he had no episodes since the last follow-up and will be going for a vacation in Goa which seemed difficult before the start of our treatment. The same medicines were prescribed to him and he was given necessary dietary instructions, maintaining hydration, and using SPF Sunscreen while out in the Sun.

In June 2018, he reported 80% improvement in his relief in urticaria and had no major episode except for 1-2 mild ones since the last follow-up.

He continued medicines for another 2 months for complete recovery.


This case illustrates how immunosuppressants can precipitate a bad relapse after initial improvement and how Homeopathy can effectively reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of Urticaria effectively and safely without any side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Ritu C., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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