A 5-Year-Old Girl Got Immense Relief In Adenoids With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 5-year-old child, Miss D.M.S. (PIN: 41871) came to Life Force with her parents on 29th November 2019. Her parents were a lot worried as the child was suffering from Adenoids. They asked whether their child can be treated for her disease as their E.N.T. doctor has advised surgery for her and there was no way out. The parents were counseled and the treatment of their child was started.

The girl used to suffer from episodes of frequent cold and cough almost twice in a month, and, every time, the child had to take antibiotics. Her episodes used to be very severe, and the child used to suffer a lot. She was experiencing a stuffy nose along with a loss of smell and yellow-greenish discharge. Also, she was suffering from difficulty in breathing and used to breathe through the mouth. The patient would snore loudly during sleep. The child used to experience difficulty in swallowing too. She could not sleep properly because of the blocked nose and cough. Her complaints used to get aggravated due to the air conditioner and the cold atmosphere. The child used to become very weak during the episodes. Her parents were a lot worried about her low immunity and recurrent episodes which were hampering the child’s day-to-day life including school and studies.

Her diet was mixed comprising both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Her appetite was average. The child had cravings for salt and spicy foods along with sour foods. She had an aversion to the sweets. Her thirst was average. Her perspiration was profuse, which was generalized. Her bowels were satisfactory. Most of the time, her sleep was disturbed due to her complaints. She used to get frightful dreams after going through the flood calamity in Kerala the last year.

The child was more attached to her father. She used to get angry and used to express her anger by crying. Otherwise, she was a very soft-hearted child.

The child had suffered from Typhoid and Pneumonitis in the past.

In her family, her father and mother both were having Sinusitis. Her brother was suffering from Urticaria.

The child herself was a student of Jr. kg., and her father was a Dental technician and her mother was a homemaker.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient. Very good improvement was noticed in the patient’s health for a short period. The follow-ups are mentioned below.

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When the patient gave the first follow-up in January 2020, there was not much improvement in her relief.

At the second follow-up in February 2020, episodes used to affect her but were less severe.

In March 2020, the child was 50% better. She had experienced no episode since the last follow-up. She had experienced great relief in her complaints, such as snoring and nose block. She no more experienced mouth breathing nor cold and cough.

In April 2020, there was remarkable improvement up to 75% in her relief. No further episodes of cold and cough had occurred. Her loud snoring was stopped completely, and she no more experienced nose block. All her conventional medicines were stopped. No nasal drops were required anymore.


This case illustrates that homeopathy helps to treat diseases like Adenoids by reducing the frequency and severity of episodes and also helps to avoid surgery. Homeopathy is safe and causes no side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Garima Pancholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D.) Hom.

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