A 12-Year-Old Boy Experienced Incredible Recovery From Chronic Psoriasis In A Short Span

A 12-year-old young boy, Master A. V. P. (PIN: 41863), who was suffering from psoriasis for one year, consulted for this complaint at Life Force center at end of November 2019. Life Force is a homeopathic center where complicated and chronic diseases are treated. Here, during the consultation, the doctor explains in detail the disease to the patient as well as the scope of homeopathic medicine in the case. 

As we also know, Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder where the skin cell multiplication is faster than normal. Erythematous eruptions with scaling, dryness, roughness, and itching are the most common symptoms of this disease. Homeopathy always works on the immunity and does the corrections in the altered immunity. It is totally safe and causes no side-effects, and its result is always long-lasting. Due to the good scope of homeopathy in psoriasis, this case was taken and treated with homeopathy at Life Force. 

As is the practice, initially a doctor explained in detail about psoriasis to the patient’s parents. For homeopathic prescription, the details of physical and mental symptoms, past and family history, all pathological changes, and effects of all external factors all are important. Hence, in this case, also, a detailed case taking was done by the doctor. 

During the examination, red erythematous lesions were observed on different body parts, such as legs, abdomen, scalp, and hands. His mother informed us that the patient had been suffering from this complaint for one year. Initially, for 6 months, he had taken conventional medicine. With steroid-based ointments, his eruptions were good and observed only on the legs, but, after stopping this ointment and oral medicines, his disease had progressed on all the body parts. He had all other symptoms of the disease, such as itching, scaling, dryness, and roughness. 

He was taking Ayurvedic treatment for a few months and experienced a 60% improvement in his relief from the condition. But, his disease progressed during the previous month even after taking Ayurvedic medicine. So, they wanted to switch to homeopathic medicines. The patient’s nails and joints were not affected.

As per his physical generals, he was a non-vegetarian and very fond of spicy food and chicken. He had no specific disliking except for bitter gourd. His thirst was very less, and his perspiration was profuse. Thermally, he was a chilly patient. 

The patient had no specific family and past medical history. All his milestones were also on time. 

Mental symptoms are very important in homeopathy. Mentally, he was a shy child, but, at home, he was stubborn and demanding. On very small things, he shouted and became irritable, but outside he was very reserved. He was emotional and would weep on small things. 

After doing the detailed case study, Dr. Shah Sir prescribed his research-based molecule to the patient and advised a few blood tests. The patient was also instructed to follow the appropriate diet for psoriasis. 

On 1st January 2020, the patient’s mother informed that his eruptions were progressing even though the patient was taking medicine and vitamin supplements regularly. Due to the nature of the disease, disease progression in the winter is very common so he was asked to continue the medicine, follow all appropriate diet, and other recommended tips.

On his first follow-up in January, based on his condition, a different medicine was prescribed to the patient. Within a few days, his progression of the disease was stopped, and the old spots also responded in a good manner.

In March 2020, on his 2nd feedback, he reported a very good & positive change in his condition. His recovery from all his active eruptions improved by 50%. The itching and scaling had reduced a lot. As recommended, he was regularly applying coconut oil. 

After seven months of homeopathic treatment, the patient got 70% betterment in his condition. He was very regular in following the medicine and followed all the instructions also.

In August 2020, his mother reported a 90% improvement in his recovery from the condition. No active lesions were observed. Only dull black hyper-pigmented spots were remaining; hence, he continued the medicine. 

Recently, in October 2020, he updated his condition. He was not facing any problem. His hyperpigmented spots faded. No itching and no other symptoms were bothering him. He had experienced an incredible improvement in recovery from psoriasis with homeopathy.

As we know, homeopathy is very safe and highly effective in treating many chronic complaints. This case also indicates that homeopathy is highly effective in the treatment of psoriasis and can give a remission period (symptom-free condition) in a short duration without any side-effects.  

-Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D. Hom)


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