Homemaker With Lumbar Spondylitis & Osteoarthritis Finds 90% Relief In 1 Year Treatment At Life Force Homeopathy

Mrs. S.S. (PIN: 38865) visited Life Force Homoeopathy, for the treatment of her Lumbar Spondylitis, with reports suggestive of disc bulge between the 4th & 5th Lumbar Vertebrae as well as between the 5th Lumbar vertebra & the Sacrum were compression of the nerve roots exiting from the affected areas. She was suffering from muscle spasm & pain. She also was suffering from Osteoarthritis with Degenerative changes in the Knee joints with reports suggestive of a reduction in the knee joint space & osteophytic development.
Due to this, she was experiencing difficulty in performing her routine work, whenever she was standing for a long time, bending forward, lifting weight, and getting up from a sitting position. Her complaints were at peak (aggravated) in the morning.
She got some temporary relief with hot fomentation, by lying on the back, by continuous walking, and with the physiotherapy exercises. She had to wear a Lumbar belt for some respite.
She was already under conventional treatment; it was relieving her complaints time being & did not promise her of recovery from her sufferings or any control over the disease from spreading.
Further details of her case are as follows.
She had a mixed diet and an average appetite. She had a liking for fruits, milk, fish, & salt. Her thirst was average, & her perspiration was generalized & profuse. She was intolerant to the hot temperatures, which made her uncomfortable. Her physical constitution was short & flabby. She enjoyed a good sound sleep without any disturbances & had good dreams. 
She had a good & happy upbringing and had good relations with her parents & relatives. She started experiencing some stress post-marriage, which sustained for a few years.
She was a very gentle, happy-go-lucky, friendly, extrovert, confident, & expressive person. She was more emotional & sensitive in life.
After studying the entire case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. prescribed his highly advanced research-based Homeopathic molecules for 6 weeks to the patient.
At her 1st follow-up, she was experiencing 30% to 40% relief in her knee pains, & she was experiencing greater relief in the back pain. The patient was happy that with the first prescription, &, in just a month, achieved a noticeable change in her condition. She continued with the treatment with good faith in Life Force treatment.
By her 2nd follow-up, both her complaints of Knee & back pain had relief of more than 50%. She was prescribed Homeopathic medicines for another 6 weeks.
She was stable with the subsequent follow-ups, & there was constant improvement in her relief. Homeopathy had provided wonderful relief to her by limiting the spread of the disease & stopping the pain killers that changed her life drastically.
Within a year’s treatment, she experienced more than 90% of relief in her back pain & knee pains. So, she successfully stopped the treatment. She is no longer is dependent on any medicines & can carry out her routine work without any aches & pains.
This case beautifully describes how wonderfully Life Force Homeopathy of Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. provided relief to the patient of Lumbar Spondylitis & Osteoarthritis, which are so difficult to treat as they are progressive, irreversible, & autoimmune conditions. This sparks the lives of many patients, who are affected with similar chronic progressive autoimmune diseases, with the hope of great relief.
-Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD.

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