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A Teenager Found Immense Relief In Underactive Thyroid With Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 12-year-old female patient, Miss. R.P. (PIN: 37161) came with the complaints of hypothyroidism to Life Force with her TSH levels 6.5. The patient visited the Life Force Homeopathy at the Pune branch situated at Sassoon. Life Force Homeopathy is spread across the world with three major centers in Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai, where its head office is located.
The patient presented with the complaint of hair fall and weight gain along with fatigue. Since she was a teenager, she was very concerned about it. The initial fluctuation of hormonal levels is considered when the patient reaches puberty. However, if this continues, it can lead to chronic problems of hormonal imbalance and create a great ordeal for a teenager, who is a lot concerned about her weight gain and her height.
As teenagers, we have gone through this phase and are very much particular about petty issues. The patient was concerned about her hair fall as well. Due to schooling and exams, she didn't get much time to exercise. So, after considering her life history, we advised her few tests, such as Thyroid profile and the Vitamin test for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3.
She was also experiencing sluggishness and used to get tired after doing minimal work. Also, she was lethargic and stressed out. We took her mind symptom as well into consideration. Also, her physical generals and appetite were taken into consideration. Her motions were constipated and hard, which is one of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Her skin was also dry though, as her intake of water was optimum. This led to the indication of hormonal imbalance with poor absorption of food and water. After her levels were checked, she was diagnosed with an Underactive thyroid and she started homeopathic treatment for the same.
She got enrolled for the 1-year plan after providing her with our prognosis criteria and how the treatment plan would work for her. We also made sure that she was given dietary tips and exercise routines for weight management. 
Regular follow-up of the patient was taken and advice was given to her to get rid of the disorder. We motivated her so that she does not turn lethargic and responds well to the treatment.  
After studying her case, she was Dr. Shah prescribed research-based therapy and constitutional remedy to the patient, and she responded well to the treatment. With expert care and therapy, she improved a lot. Her next follow-up after 3 months showed remarkable results where her TSH Levels improved to 4.65 and were well within the normal value.
Here is a glance of her treatment course and follow-up with us where the TSH values have improved remarkably.

     (17/5/18)    (26/9/18)    (16/11/18)    (15/2/19)    (31/5/19)    (15/6/19)    (22/7/19)    (6/12/19)    (30/5/2020)    
TSH    (0.35-5.50 uIU/mL)    6.5 uIU/mL     4.64 uIU/mL     2.75 uIU/mL    1.49     26.830     10.3568    5.24    2.30    3.36
T3-    (60-81 ng/dL)    150 ng/mL    1.63 ng/mL         1.58    1.60     148.63    Free T3: 4.13 (H)    144.25    1.59
T4-    (4.6-10.9 ug/dL)    8.7 ug/dL    9.52 ug/dL         11.35    6.49     7.50    Free T4: 1.04     11.51    9.48
After starting with the treatment for her underactive thyroid at Life Force Homeopathy, the patient experienced a 40% improvement in November 2018 when we checked her thyroid values. She was happy with her health improvement and was also doing better on a mental level. Her hair fall had also reduced. She continued homeopathic treatment for 3 years with us, and, as she was a teenager, it was difficult to cope up with the stress and hormones. Her thyroid levels in May 2020 were remarkably under control. Under the direct care of Dr. Rajesh Shah at Life Force Homeopathy, the patient received the perfect homeopathic treatment plan and not taken any thyroid supplement for her problem. 
This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating an underactive thyroid in teenagers successfully and safely without any side-effects.
-Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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