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A USA Patient Freed From Dermatographism With Homeopathy

A 51-year-old lady from the United States, Mrs. A.S.H (LFMPL PIN: 25978) started treatment for her chronic Dermatographism complaint under Dr. Shah on 13th October 2018. She was suffering from Dermatographism since May 2018. Whenever her skin was scratched, in the next 2-3 minutes, she would develop welts or a localized hive-like reaction with a stinging sensation as if an insect had bitten her and it would appear angry red. The skin reaction or welt would subside after 15-45 minutes. Whenever and wherever the skin was scratched, rubbed, or exposed to the pressure, she would develop the urticarial rashes. She was taking Homeopathic medicine Boiron Histaminum Hydrochloricum 30C, an allergy relief medicine, but it didn't help her.
In the past, she suffered from Fibroadenoma in the breast, recurrent UTI, and Metrorrhagia for which she took hormonal medicines.
In her family, her father suffered from Diabetes.
She was working as a sound therapist, yoga, and meditation teacher and was satisfied with her job. She was staying with her husband and daughter, and all were having a wonderful relationship. She was from Darjeeling, India, and her husband was from the USA. She was staying in the USA for the last 20 years. She described herself as an 85% happy person, but, other times, she would be anxious and sad. Being a meditation teacher, she tried to control her emotions and being positive. The only emotion that kept her being entirely 100% happy was the memories of her childhood home and relatives in India. She felt sad occasionally missing her home, relatives, food, and culture of India.
Dr. Shah prescribed Natrum Muraiticum 30 along with his research-based medicines 6 pills 2 times daily for 4 months to the patient.
On 11th January 2019, the patient informed that her relief in episodes of urticarial rashes was slightly getting better, however, she inquired whether she can take ZYRTEC-D (cetirizine, pseudoephedrine) for her seasonal allergies. It was advised to her to take ZYRTEC-D only when the symptoms turn quite worse and unmanageable, and it was explained that it doesn't clash with the homeopathic medicines. It was suggested her to keep a gap of 1 hour between the homeopathic and ZYRTEC-D medicines.
After her first 4 months of following homeopathic medicines, on 21st March 2019, the patient informed that her relief in complaints was better by 70%. She is no more required to take any antihistamines (anti-allergic) medicines in the last 6 months. However, whenever she forgot to take the Homeopathic medicines, her hives returned. Dr. Shah revised her case and prescribed stronger medicines.
On inquiry in September 2019, she informed us that she is much better and then the treatment was stopped.
Dermatographism is a difficult variant of Urticaria. It is a more deep-seated auto-immune condition compared to simple hives. The proper evaluation of the case from a Homeopathic point of view, by considering her physical aspects along with emotional and mental makeup, helped to treat her Dermatographism effectively with Homeopathy without any side-effects.
-Written by Dr. Mithila K., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom)

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