Oral Lichen Planus Relieved Drastically With Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 32-year-old male patient from Hosur, Mr.T.S. (PIN:  40651) visited our clinic at  Jayanagar, Bangalore in July 2019 for treating his Oral Lichen planus.  He was suffering from  Oral Lichen planus for 1 year when he visited our clinic. He was taking allopathic medicine and had stopped it 3 months back when he visited our clinic. The condition was steroid-masked as he was under oral and Topical steroid application for around 6 months. And, there was no visible improvement with that. So, he decided to opt for homeopathic treatment for treating his condition.
He was suffering from purplish bluish lesions, burning sensation, and irritability while eating and drinking that affected mainly his internal cheeks and lower palate. Having spicy or crispy food items used to aggravate his complaint. Also, in the morning while brushing he used to experience the discomfort. His complaint had started after tremendous stress due to his work-related issues and family problems.
He was born and brought up in Tamilnadu. He was working as a Scientist in a pharmaceutical company. He was married for 7 years. The patient was having one daughter. His parents were running a grocery shop, and he was the only son. His upbringing was not so happy. He faced a few challenges during childhood and school times. Working in a private company was also a stressful condition for him. He was experiencing uncertainty about his work.
He had a strong family medical history of Diabetes, Asthma, and Hypertension. His past medical history was not so relevant. He was a non-vegetarian. He preferred spicy foods and liked to have chicken most often. His thirst was average. His bowel movements and micturition were normal. His perspiration was moderate. His sleep was sound. He preferred cold climate generally.  He used to take alcohol occasionally.
After a thorough evaluation and detailed case study, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed his research-based medicine for 6 weeks to the patient.
After 2 months of the treatment, during the first follow-up in September 2019, the patient experienced a drastic improvement in relief. The burning sensation in the mouth and irritability had decreased drastically. No new lesions of Oral Lichen Planus lesions had developed.
At the second follow-up in November 2019, the patient reported that his condition was stable, and there was a further improvement in his relief. Also, there was a slight burning sensation on the tongue while having spicy food.  After evaluation of the follow-up, homeopathic medicine was prescribed for 6 weeks to the patient.
During the follow-up in January 2020, the patient was further better and no relapses were noticed. His irritability and burning sensation had reduced considerably.
During the next follow-up, the patient reported that, except for slight irritation on the left cheek, his relief in all other symptoms were much better.
In April 2020, the patient reported that his relief in the symptoms was much better. He got more than 75% improvement so far. He is continuing the treatment for further better results. The patient is much satisfied with our treatment.
This case illustrates that homeopathy is quite effective in treating steroid-masked cases of Lichen planus & other chronic diseases incredibly and safely without any side effects.
-Written by Dr. Ashitha A., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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