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Recurrent Upper Respiratory Tract Infection And Nephrotic Syndrome Treated With Homeopathy Effectively

A male patient, Mr. S.G. (PIN: 24999) visited Life Force Homeopathy with the complaints of Recurrent upper respiratory tract infection on 28th February 2015.
He was suffering from these complaints since his birth. He used to suffer from an episode of cold and cough every month, and it lasted for 10-12 days. He had a rattling cough with a runny nose and sneezing along with dullness. Also, he had would get a fever up to 100-degree F. He took Antibiotics for the same as and when required. The patient was also suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome for 10 months and had swelling on his face and legs. Had taken steroids for 3 months.
Also, he was underweight, and his weight was 13.2 kgs. 

He was a non-vegetarian with liked spicy food. He could not tolerate the heat. 
His motion or bowels were satisfactory. 

He was short-tempered, stubborn, talkative, and active. He used to get angry about contradiction. 

Based on his case details, Dr. Shah analyzed and studied his case in detail and prescribed appropriate medicine to the patient.


At the first follow-up on 25th March 2015, he reported that he did not experience any episode in last the 1 month. He was fine. 

On 15th July 2015, the patient reported 1 episode of cold, and no relapse of Nephrotic syndrome. But, his appetite was low. He had a fever and then loose motions 1 week back. 

The patient was asymptomatic from August 2015 to November 2015.

On 17th December 2015, the patient had 1 episode of cold for a week after eating ice-cream. His appetite was good now. There was a relapse of Nephrotic syndrome so he was taking steroids for the same. 

In February 2016, the patient had 1 episode of cold without fever. His weight had increased to 15.3 kgs. 

In March 2016, the patient had 2 episodes of cold so he had to take antibiotics. 

Later, the patient was asymptomatic from April 2016 to March 2107. In April 2017, the patient experienced 1 episode which lasted for 4-5 days. 

From April 2017 to June 2017, the patient had no complaints. Also, no relapse of Nephrotic syndrome had occurred.

In July 2017, the patient had an acute cough for 2 days due to eating fried food. 

In August and September 2017, the patient had 1 episode but its duration had reduced to 2-3 days only. He had a relapse of Nephrotic syndrome in August 2017, so he was on steroids. 

On 11th October 2017, there was a relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome within 1 week of stopping the steroids. Also, the patient had an acute episode of cold for 5 days so he was taking antibiotics. 

No episode of cold had affected the patient in November 2017, but the Nephrotic syndrome episode continued. 

The patient was asymptomatic in December 2017. 

In January 2018, again there was a relapse of Nephrotic syndrome from a week, but no episode of cold had occurred. 

The patient was asymptomatic until December 2018.

The patient had suffered 1 episode of cold in January 2019 for 2 days after eating oranges. No episode of Nephrotic syndrome had affected him. 

The patient had stopped taking steroids since February 2019 and had no complaints of both cold and nephrotic syndrome. 

In April, the patient had an acute episode of cold which lasted 4 days. No episode of Nephrotic syndrome had affected him.

After that, he experienced just 1 episode of cold in August 2019. No relapse of Nephrotic syndrome had affected the patient.

The patient is fine now. He is experiencing no complaints of Nephrotic syndrome nor any major episodes of cold. 

The patient is happy with the treatment he received at Life Force.

This case highlights that homeopathy is very effective in treating Frequent colds and Nephrotic Syndrome. It reduces the duration, frequency, and severity of the disease and also reduces drug dependency safely without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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