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Complete Recovery From Severe 2 Years Chronic Genital Eczema Found In 7 Months With Homeopathy

A 47-year-old married female patient (PIN: 11271) started her treatment with Life Force in October for severe genital eczema, which had started a year back but had intensified since a week. She had lesions on her vagina with severe itching and burning pain. She mentioned that, after taking oral contraceptives, her complaints had started, but, even after stopping them, eczema did not subside.

There were no other major health concerns. 

Based on her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines for six weeks to the patient. She was also suggested to do a few blood investigations and follow certain dietary changes.

When the patient visited us for her follow-up, she was extremely pleased to tell that she had no complaints of eczema. All her complaints had been reduced by almost 90%. Again, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines for another six weeks to the patient.

At the next follow-up, all her eczema had healed. She had no complaints in the last four months (i.e. since the start of our treatment). Dr. Shah again prescribed her medicines for another six weeks.

Further three follow-ups later, after about seven months of our treatment, the patient was completely recovered from the skin condition. Now, she has no complaints at all.

This case study illustrates that severe, chronic eczema affecting the genitals can be effectively treated with Dr. Shah's research-based Homeopathic medicines within a few months. The medicines bring about gradual recovery with no side-effects.

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