A 77-Year-Old Lady Recovered From 50 Years Chronic Frequent Cold With Homeopathy

A 77-year-old female patient, Mrs. S.Z.R. (PIN: 37775) came to Life Force with the problem of the frequent cold. The patient visited the Thane branch where one of the centers of Life Force is located. She preferred meeting the doctor in person for her chronic ailment. She had the problem of frequent colds since she was 21 years old i.e. more than 50 years ago. The patient was suffering from a chronic ailment for 50 years. She was an elderly patient, and her immunity was very low. At the age of 77, she had almost given up hope to recover from the ailment and learned to live with it.
She was living with it for 50 years and faced the problem in every season throughout the year. To put an end to this problem, she approached us with the hope and faith in homeopathy. We took a detailed case consultation. Her onset of the complaints had started at the age of 21. She had repeated attacks and bouts of the frequent cold 3-4 times/year which lasted for 4-5 days. Though the duration was quite less, the prominent point to note was the severity and intensity with which she suffered from a cold and cough. Her discomfort due to the cold complaints was at the peak in the winter months. She got enrolled at Life Force for her treatment plan in August 2018.
After taking her case details, we evaluated that she had a runny nose with cough and sneezing. Her cough was difficult to expectorate. She had a headache in the vertex and pain in the ears during the episode. She also had the complaint of a blocked nose and difficulty in breathing from both the nostrils. She sometimes suffered from breathlessness, fever, and throat irritation. She had a history of Tuberculosis for which she had taken the complete treatment at the age of 21 years, and, after that, she had suffered from a chronic tendency of cold and cough. Her complaints used to get aggravated in the cold weather and after eating sour food.
Along with frequent colds and coughs, she also had complaints of acidity, which used to get aggravated on eating spicy food. Her acidity complaints lead to marked pain in the epigastric region. On eating pickles and chutney, her complaints would get aggravated. What was worth noticing were her complaints of the chronic cough and cold that started after the episode of tuberculosis at the age of 21 led to a weakened immune system. 
After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines to the patient.
After taking her follow-up on 21st January 2019, she was 30% better in her relief in the complaints.
In August 2019, she was 50% better with her complaints. Her problem of the frequent cold had reduced, and she stopped taking all the allopathic medicines prescribed by the local physician which she used to take during the attack.
By November 2019, she improved further in the relief in her complaints of the frequent cold. She had recovered well from the cough and cold. Her chronic cold and cough tendency had increased after the attack of Tuberculosis, and she was on antibiotics during the attack so that there is no recurrence of Tuberculosis.
We also made sure that we prescribed her some vitamins and supplements which will add a boost to her life as she was 77. With the combination therapy of homeopathy and supplements, she responded well. Homeopathy helped in the good absorption of supplements and vitamins. So, don’t give up in life if you have been suffering from chronic ailments. We at Life Force Homeopathy provide extended support to our patients who need help.
On 20th August 2020, she finally recovered 100% with no episodes in six months of homeopathic treatment. We decided to stop her course as her recovery was successfully achieved. An elderly patient of age 77 years who had learned to live with frequent colds finally was happy to have a cough-free life and it impacted her health positively. Homeopathy works on the root cause if you receive homeopathic treatment from a professional homeopath. Everybody should learn about homeopathy and its effects that work the best in treating chronic conditions.
This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating frequent colds in aged patients incredibly and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy helps eliminates the drug dependency of patients on conventional medicines. 

-Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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