A 20-Year-Old Vitiligo Patient Relieved Of Vitiligo By Almost 95% With Homeopathy At Life Force

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the skin loses its normal color due to the loss of pigment cells (melanocytes).

The following are the main causes of vitiligo:
?Autoimmune condition
?Mental/Emotional stress
?Injury of the skin (severe sunburn or skin trauma)

Symptoms of vitiligo:

?Patchy loss of skin color (particularly on hands, face, mucous membrane, and genitals) 
?Premature whitening or greying of the hair (scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or beard) 

Types of vitiligo:

1.Universal Vitiligo (discoloration affecting all the skin surfaces)
2.Segmental Vitiligo (white patches affecting only one side/area of your body)
3.Non-segmental/generalized Vitiligo (white patches that often progress similarly on corresponding body parts symmetrically)
4.Localized Vitiligo (white patches affecting one or only a few areas of the body)

Complications Arising due to Vitiligo:
Here are some complications that can result due to vitiligo.

?High risk for Sunburn
?Eye problems
?Hearing loss 
?Vitiligo may be associated with other autoimmune conditions like an overactive thyroid, pernicious anemia, and diabetes.
Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat vitiligo effectively without any adverse effects. Let’s have a look at a case of vitiligo that was treated with homeopathy.

A 20-year-old boy (PIN: 28531) came to Life Force Homeopathy on 21st April 2016 for the treatment of Vitiligo. He was presenting with white spots on his hand (right palm, right middle finger, and right ring finger) and neck (right side). His skin was examined under Wood’s Lamp (which revealed no new spots and existing spots were illuminated).

A detailed case history was taken.

The patient told that he was noticing white spots in the last 2 months, and they were progressing since then. Initially, his vitiligo complaint had started with a spot on the palm (on his right hand) which started progressing rapidly on the fingers of his right hand (middle finger and ring finger). The recent one that developed 5 days back was on the right side of his neck. When asked about the medical history, the patient told that he was taking the following medicines.
1) Motimesh cream (Mometasone) for 10 days daily once at night
2) T. Azoran 50 mg daily once at night for the last 3 days

His disease history was also asked about. The patient had eczema during his childhood. Other than that, he never had any major disease or surgery in his past.  

His family history was also taken into account to rule out the possibility of any autoimmune disease or genetic predisposition. There was no family history of vitiligo, an underactive thyroid, or diabetes mellitus. His investigations that were done previously were also asked and updated.

Further details of the patient were taken regarding his mental and physical generals.

The patient was a non-vegetarian with an average appetite. He had craving for fish, egg, chicken, spicy food, and fruits. He had a very less thirst and drank around 1 liter of water daily. He had very profuse perspiration, particularly on the palms and soles, which was offensive and often resulted in staining of the clothes. Thermally, he was a hot patient. He had unsatisfactory motion. Often, he suffered from constipation. He had no urinary symptoms. When asked about his sleep, the patient told that his sleep was often disturbed and that he used to get frightful dreams at night. He also told that he preferred sleeping on his abdomen. 

He had a very happy and well-supported family and had no family tensions at home.

Furthermore, his mental generals were taken into consideration. He was a shy person, who often didn’t like to express himself to others. He got angry very easily for the slightest contradiction but never showed that to anyone. He always had apprehension. particularly before meeting new people. Intellectually, the patient had an average memory, and his logic, perception, intelligence, and analysis were good.

Dr. Shah went through his case file in detail and prescribed the medicines to the patient, after evaluating the whole case. The patient was also advised to follow the diet chart of Vitiligo that we provided him.


His first follow-up was done on 6th June 2016. There was a drastic improvement in his recovery from the white patches in his first visit. The white spots on the right side of the neck had almost cleared off. The remaining white spots on his palms and fingers were stable. No new spots were observed. 

By September 2016, the patient started noticing a small spot coming on his right index finger. 

By November 2016, the patient started noticing a few more new spots on his neck (right side). The already existing spots were stable and were slightly better than before. 

By February 2017, he completely stopped his allopathic treatment. The recovery from the spots on his hands and neck was better by almost 50%. But, he started getting a few dull spots on his right cheek (3-4 in number).

By June 2017, the patient was developing new spots on his right and left ear. Except for the new spots on the cheeks, the relief in the rest of the spots was better by almost 50%. 

By November 2017, the patient was better by around 70%. The relief in new spots on his cheeks and both the ears had also started showing improvement. 

By April 2018, the patient started experiencing improvement in his recovery from vitiligo spots by 80%. Almost all his skin patches were turning to normal skin color. 

By December 2018, there was only one white patch left on the neck.

By October 2019, the small spot that that was left on his neck had started showing a slight change.

By March 2020, the spot on the neck started showing a considerable change. All the other spots had healed 100%. 

Overall, the patient is better by almost 90%-95%, and he is continuing the treatment under Dr. Shah at Life Force Homeopathy to get a permanent solution to his problem. 

The patient is fully satisfied with Dr. Shah’s treatment and is happy that he was finally able to stop his allopathic medications. 


This case illustrates that homeopathy is a very effective treatment for autoimmune conditions like Vitiligo. Homeopathy works on treating the root cause of the disease, thereby ensuring a permanent solution to autoimmune conditions like Vitiligo. Homeopathy also corrects the altered immunity of an affected individual and ensures to provide the safest mode of treatment even to children and aged people. 

-Written by Dr. Poornima Purushothaman, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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