A Great Relief From Hepatitis B Obtained With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 42-years-old gentleman, Mr. B. B. K. (PIN: 25638) visited Life Force on 9th May 2015. He was detected as Hepatitis B positive in 2010 when he went for blood donation. He suffered from weakness along with all joints pain and frequent colds. He was experiencing backache on and off. On 21st May 2012, his viral load was 516 IU/ml. On 22nd January 2013, the viral load was not detectable. On 9th May 2015, it was Reactive >250 IU/L. He was taking multivitamins currently. 
His appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking for any food. He had a habit of tobacco and alcohol consumption in the past. He had average generalized perspiration along with an average thirst. His bowels were unsatisfactory occasionally. His sleep was sound, and he did not experience dreams while asleep.
He was a civil contractor. His mother and wife were homemakers, and his father was retired. He had two school-going sons. He was having a good relationship with all his family members. But, he was worried about the business and his disease. He would get irritable occasionally.
His case details were studied by Dr. Shah, and a few research-based medicines were prescribed to the patient.
He reported on 10th July 2015 with a mild improvement in relief in the joint pains and frequent colds. His weakness was as it is. His medicines were upgraded.
On 14th December 2015, the patient said that there was a 15% improvement in his relief in weakness, joint pains, and frequent colds. His weight had increased to 72.7 kgs now from 69 kgs, which was at the start of treatment.
He reported on 13th April 2016 with a further improvement in his relief in weakness, joint pains pain, and frequent colds. He had no episode of frequent colds in the last 4 months. But, a new complaint was started bothering him in the last 15-20 days. He was experiencing twisting pain in the abdomen in the umbilical region. His weight was 70.4 kgs. 
On 20th July 2016, his relief in weakness and joint pains had aggravated in the last 15 days. He was advised to repeat blood investigations.
On 6th September 2016, his weakness was as it is, but his relief in the joint pains and pain in the umbilical region was better. A new complaint of piles had started in the last month. His viral load was done on 7th June 2016, and it was found to be 447 IU/ML.
In the follow-up in December 2016 and January 2017, the patient reported improvement in the relief in his joint pains, pain in the abdomen, and piles. Also, he had experienced no episode of frequent colds in the last 5-6 months. But, the complaint of weakness had increased in the last 1 month, and his lethargy feeling was as it is.
In March 2017, the patient reported that his liver function tests were within the normal limits. His Hepatitis B viral load was 376 IU/ML and 2188 copies/ML on 3rd March 2017 which was reduced from 447 IU/ML in September 2016.
He reported in May 2017 that he had high cholesterol, triglycerides, and uric acid. He had lost 2 kgs, and his appetite had reduced. He had a feverish feeling on and off once a week in the last 15 days, watering from the eyes, pain in thighs and calf, elbow pain, and abdominal fullness for the last 1 month. 
After about 2 years of homeopathic treatment, he reported on 23rd September 2017 with a 50% improvement in relief in the weakness, joint pain, and feverish feeling. His appetite had improved further. But, he had developed pyorrhea with halitosis in the last month.
In February 2018, the patient was overall better, but his joints pains had increased for the last 1 month.
In May 2018, his viral load was found to be 2404 IU/ML on 5th May 2018. His weakness and lethargy had increased in the last 2-3 months. His relief in the joint pains, frequent colds, and piles had improved. His hyperlipidemia was as it is. Liver function tests were within the normal limits.
In September 2018, the patient’s knee joint pains had aggravated in the last 2 months. His relief in all joint pains, frequent colds, and piles was better, but the weakness and lethargy were as it is.
In November 2018, the patient was asymptomatic. But, his viral load had increased to 4779 IU/ML. He was taking medicines regularly with the follow-ups.
After 4 years of homeopathic treatment, he reported on 1st August 2019 with about 75% improvement in his relief in all his complaints. His weakness, joint pains, and feverish feeling were significantly relieved. He had been advised a liver function test, which was normal, and his viral load was less than 34 IU/ML as per the reports on 26th July 2019.  
In December 2019, the patient reported further improvement in his relief in weakness, dullness, appetite, joint pains, and abdominal pain.
In February 2020, the patient reported being much better symptomatically (90% better) with viral load consistently less than 34 IU/ML. 
In April 2020 and June 2020, he reported further improvement in his health condition. 
In October 2020, his liver function tests were within normal limits, and the patient was asymptomatic.
He has been advised to continue with the treatment further. He was very happy with the success of the treatment.
This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating hepatitis B and providing great relief from its discomfort.
-Written by Dr. Deepali Karnik, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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