80% Relief In 4 Years Chronic Psoriasis Found In 1 Year With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 37-year-female patient, Mrs. S.R.K. (PIN: 41766) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 15th November 2019 with the complaint of Psoriasis, which she was suffering from for 4 years. Her psoriasis was progressive and had affected her right knee, left ankle, and back of both ears. Her skin condition was triggered every winter. She was experiencing redness, itching, scaling, and bleeding after scratching in the affected parts. She had no medical history but had a family medical history as her father had psoriasis. Her paternal grandfather suffered from epilepsy and her maternal grandmother suffered from acidity. The patient had taken conventional treatment in 2016 i.e. Steroid oral and local application only for 15 days, and, after that, she was on Homeopathic medicines from another Homeopath.

Her appetite and thirst were average. She was a non-vegetarian and was fond of eggs and spicy food. She was experiencing profuse perspiration, particularly on the forehead and face. Thermally, she was a hot patient She had a regular menstruation cycle. Her sleep was disturbed because of the itching which used to get aggravated in the night.

Professionally, she was a school teacher and was leaving with her husband and two daughters. Her childhood was well-supported and happy. She was well-settled in her life. Mentally, she was gentle, mild, polite, and emotionally oversensitive. She had a weeping tendency and desire to listen to music. She loved consolation and was introverted.

A few blood tests were advised her to do that revealed that her Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D 3 were on the lower side. So, the doctor at Life Force advised her to have Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 Supplements for 3 months.

After studying and evaluating the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Homeopathic medicines along with his research-based Homeopathic medicines to the patient.


In the first follow-up, the patient’s spread of psoriasis had stopped and the relief in the patches was 10% better. The itching and scaling had reduced, and there was no bleeding on scratching now. 

In the second follow-up on 11th March 2020, there was no change in the complaint. She experienced occasional itching.

In the third follow-up on 17th April 2020, further improvement in her relief in the complaints was noticed.

In the fourth follow-up on 29th June 2020, her relief in psoriasis complaint was 25%-40% better.

In the fifth follow-up taken on 15th September 2020, she had experienced 50%-60% relief in all her patches of psoriasis Her recovery from the patch over the left knee was almost 70% better and the relief in the patch over her ankle joint was 50% better.

In the sixth follow-up on 27th October 2020, further improvement in recovery from psoriasis was observed.

In the seventh follow-up on 2nd December 2020, she had experienced 75%-80% improvement in recovery from psoriasis The itching was reduced by 75%. She had no episode of bleeding after scratching and the skin dryness was reduced by 80%, The patch over her knee vanished, and the recovery from the patch over her ankle was 80% better. There was no aggravation in her patches of psoriasis even in winter now, unlike the aggravation in her psoriasis complaints in every winter in the last 4 years.

The patient was very happy with the treatment and thankful to Dr. Shah Sir and the entire Life Force team for the service provided.


This case illustrates that homeopathy has an upper hand in treating chronic autoimmune disease. Homeopathy provides gentle & long-term relief safely without any side-effects nor it causes dependency on the medicines.
-Written by Dr. Akanksha Kharote, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD.

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