80% Recovery From Meniere’s Disease Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 35-years-old scientist in BARC from New Mumbai, Mr. AS (PIN: 13702) reported complaints of Meniere’s disease. His complaints had started 2 years back. Also, he had complaints of frequent colds and an under-active thyroid. He reported at Life Force in May 2010. 

Presenting Complaints:
The patient presented with severe giddiness (vertigo) and continuous hissing sound occurring in his left ear along with the hearing loss. Also, he complained of fullness sensation in the ear. He used to get such episodes regularly i.e. every week with some fluctuation in the intensity. His Audiogram reports showed moderate to severe sensory neural hearing loss. His BERA (Brainstem evoked response audiometry) and MRI studies were within the normal limit. Whenever he would be traveling, there used to be an aggravation of his complaints. Because of that, he could not even drive his car which was the worst part according to him in his life. He was taking allopathic medicines for the same without any considerable improvement. 

Other Complaints:
Mr. AS was also suffering from a backache and mild hypothyroidism (TSH – 5.4) which was not being treated with conventional medicines.  Also, he suffered from the frequent cold in the form of 20-25 times sneezing in the morning in spite of taking all precautions. 

Personal Details:
He had an average appetite with a craving for sweets and chicken. There was a strong aversion to spicy food. Thermally he is more sensitive to cold. 

Emotional Aspect:
As a person, Mr. A.S. was reserved and down to earth with good controls over his emotions. His childhood was very happy. He appeared mild and gentle while answering the questions during the clinical session. He was behaving in a very sober way. He was a very responsible person, and he was pursuing his Ph.D. studies. 

History Of Medical Illness: 
The patient had a kidney stone in 2002 and chickenpox in 2008.

 At Life Force: 

After studying all the case details thoroughly, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed him constitutional Homeopathic medicines in May 2010. 

After two months of homeopathic medication, his frequency of cold got reduced but giddiness and tinnitus were as it is. He was given a higher dose of medicines depending on his feedback. 

In September 2010, he reported happily with 60 % improvement in his giddiness and tinnitus. But, still, he used to feel giddy while driving a car. He had to stop after every 15 minutes. There was no episode of cold from the last 5 months. 

After 8 months of the treatment, his thyroid level was within the normal limit i.e. 4.16 (normal 0.4-4.6). There was just one episode of cold. Mr. AS was able to enjoy a family picnic at Goa with a long drive of 8 hours, as his Meniere’s disease was more than 80 % better. 

The case experience once again proved that the main focus of Homeopathic remedies is to enhance the body’s self-healing mechanism. Once it is done, the body can naturally take care of itself and remove all the disease forces in a natural and safe way. In Meniere’s disease, the sensory neural hearing loss cannot improve with Homeopathy but all other aspects show a wonderful recovery. 

-Written by Dr. PAD, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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