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Incredible Recovery From Lichen Planus And Freedom From The Dependency On Steroids Found With Homeopathy

A 33-year-old female patient, Mrs. B.S. came with the complaints of appearance of some tiny new lesions on her scalp and thighs. She visited the head branch of Life Force Homeopathy to put an end to the problem. This was the first time she was going to start with homeopathy treatment. The patient’s lesions were purplish and very itchy. She was diagnosed with Lichen Planus by many dermatologists and skin specialists. Also, a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of lichen planus.


Steroid resulted in side effects in a patient with lichen planus

The patient was suffering from terrible itching of the scalp with hair falling out. After taking her careful history and detailed examination, it was observed that she was suffering from Lichen Planus. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since August 2019, and it was progressive since October 2019. Her lichen planus was extensive on the following body area:

- Thighs

- Arms

- Scalp

- Waist

- Nape of neck

- Inner thighs


She had been to many doctors and skin specialists who prescribed her extensive steroids. The steroids had a marked negative impact on her body. Also, while she was on steroids, the lichen planus would reduce. She couldn’t recover from the condition and was struggling to deal with it. Her lichen planus was spreading since May 2020 due to stopping steroids abruptly.


The vicious cycle of steroids and conventional mode of treatment:

The patient could not break the vicious cycle of steroidal dependency for her treatment of lichen planus, and it couldn’t recover from the condition. Her itching was more marked on the scalp and at night. Her biopsy was done in December 2019 - suggestive of Lichen Planus which confirmed the diagnosis. The side effects of the steroids were many which the patient could not tolerate. Also, she did not experience recovery from Lichen Planus even after taking steroids. Some of the side effects she experienced while on steroids - weight gain 5 kgs in 2 months due to steroids weight (17.6.2020) - 56 kg.


The causative factor is very important in homeopathy

After her detailed case consultation, it was important to find out why she was suffering from this problem of lichen planus. Her medical history and her family’s medical history were taken into consideration. She had no complaints of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or high cholesterol. During the previous years, she did her blood tests regularly and they were completely normal. This detailed history analysis was very important to find out the causative factors. Homeopathy works on the root cause of the problem by eliminating the causative factor.


After analyzing her case in detail, we concluded that the patient had visited Sri Lanka where she developed Lichen Planus due to exposure to the sun rays. So, after she had been to Sri Lanka, she developed lichen planus so Sun exposure was one of the causative factors.


Allopathy gave no relief to the patient with Lichen planus

She was on the following allopathic medications and conventional mode of treatment.

  • On oral dose of steroids + local application since December 2019 Closone (clobetasol) ointment
  • Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid)
  • T. Ascazin (zinc acetate)
  • Cap Aquasol (Vitamin A)
  • Cap. Wellwoman (folic acid)
  • T. Aminofit
  • Cap Uprise D3 60K


These medicines did not give her any relief. It resulted in the suppression of the lichen planus. After stopping her steroids, the lichen planus reappeared with an increased intensity which was more difficult for her to deal with.


As per the physical generals, the patient was a vegetarian. She had craving for salty things. Her bowel and motions were completely normal.


The patient was a homemaker. She was married for 4 years and was very happy with a well-supported family. Her vitamin levels B12 and D3 were completely normal.


Follow-Ups and Recovery from Lichen Planus with Homeopathy

In 1st follow-up in September 2020, the patient had experienced significant recovery from lichen planus. Her itching had reduced drastically. All her lesions were settled, and she was on a tapering dose of steroids.


By December 2020, she was completely better. No new lesions had appeared. No spread of the disease had occurred. The patient was improving and healing with homeopathy.


Her allopathic dosage was completely stopped by January 2021, and the patient showed a remarkable 80% improvement in recovery from lichen planus


Faith in Homeopathy

During homeopathic treatment, she was improving completely and this was building up her faith in homeopathy. She also started with a 4-month treatment plan for hair fall and recovered from it as well. Our main goal at Life Force Homeopathy is to heal the patient completely for better health and a better future.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating lichen planus and eliminating the dependency on steroids successfully and safely without any adverse effects. Homeopathy promotes healing from lichen planus.


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