A Patient Got Relieved Of Vertigo And Drug Dependency With Homeopathy

A 36-year-old male patient, Mr. V.G. (PIN: 44194) visited Life Force’s clinic on 25th November 2020 with his complaint of vertigo. He was suffering from this condition for the last 6 months. He had done all the diagnostic tests, such as MRI brain and Venogram, with no abnormality detected. He used to experience an episode of vertigo every once/twice a week along with dizziness, neck stiffness, lightheadedness, and, occasionally, a feeling that he would fall. The patient used to get an episode of vertigo more often after the slightest change in the position, on moving his head, looking down, and looking at a moving object. 

He was on conventional medicines for the last one month, but it was not giving him any relief.


Physical Generals:

The patient’s appetite was good. He had cravings for salty food and an aversion to sweets. His thirst was good. He used to perspire a lot, particularly on his forehead. Thermally, he was hot. His bowels were satisfactory. He had a complaint of acidity with retrosternal burning on the consumption of spicy and oily foods. The patient had an average built, fair skin, and was slightly pale.


Mental Generals:

He used to be shy initially but very confident when talking about his work. The patient used to be very calm when making decisions. He was athletic and enjoyed playing outdoor games, such as tennis, cricket, badminton, etc.

He was married since 10 years. The patient was a supply coordinator at Bharat Petroleum. He had two daughters, one was 3-year-old and the other was 9-year-old.


After studying his case history in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed homeopathic medicines for 6 weeks to the patient on 25th November 2020.



On 30th December 2020, when the patient gave his first follow-up, there wasn’t much change in his complaint. Episodes of vertigo persisted. The giddiness and spinning sensation were as it is.

On 6th April 2021, the patient noticed around 60% improvement in his relief in vertigo complaints. Episodes of vertigo had reduced in frequency and duration. The severity of vertigo episodes had also reduced considerably. The drug dependency of the patient had started reducing gradually.

On 24th May 2021, the patient said that he had no episodes of vertigo in the last 3 months. He had stopped all his conventional medicines and was completely better.

He is continuing the treatment at Life Force and availing of the benefits of Dr. Shah's medicines.


This case illustrates that the dependency on conventional medicines for treating vertigo can be reduced or eliminated with homeopathy.

Also, all the complaints associated with vertigo can be controlled with Homeopathy incredibly and safely without any side effects.

-         Written by Dr. Shifa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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