Tinea Cruris Healed Immensely In 9 Months With Homeopathy

A 15-years-old female from Mumbai, Ms. K.P.S. (PIN: 38498) approached Life Force on 14th November 2018 for treating her Tinea Cruris. She was suffering from complaints of this fungal infection for the last 1.5 to 2 months. She had developed pruritic skin with reddish, circular elevated patches. These eruptions were present on her thighs bilaterally, groins, & pubic region. She was on conventional medicines for 1.5 to 2 months with no relief.

Her appetite was average. The patient had a specific desire for eating spicy, sweet, and sour food items & an aversion to peas and palak. Her thirst was below average. Thermally, she was a hot patient. Her menstruation was regular and sleep was sound. Her stools and urine were satisfactory, and no abnormality was noted in it.

She was studying in standard 10th. She was a mild, clever, & shy person. By nature, the patient was reserved. She would take the time to mix with the people. She would get irritated and bored easily. Her hobbies were reading and listening to music. 

The patient’s mother & maternal grandfather were suffering from Eczema. The patient had a hypopigmented patch on her cheeks 3-4 years back.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Bacillinum 30c thrice a day along with the research-based homeopathic medicines for 6 weeks.

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The patient filled his online progress report on 22nd December 2018, and she informed us that there was an increase in the complaint. She had observed new eruptions on the right forearm, left shoulder, right breast line, and thighs in the last month. The patient was explained that the flare-up was due to the disease being masked by the steroids that she used for the past 3 to 3.5 months, & she was advised to take the same medicines and update us before finishing the medicines.


She reported on 14th January 2019 that no significant difference had occurred in her complaints. Dr. Shah revised the medicines & added Rhus Tox 200 to the prescription.

In her further follow-ups, she persistently showed improvement.

On 25th June 2019, when the patient visited the Life Force clinic for the follow-up, a 50% improvement in her recovery from eruptions was observed. Her itching had reduced in the major areas, except for that in the private parts and right ankle. Other lesions had left marks.

On 28th August 2019, when she visited for her follow-up, more than 75% improvement in her condition was observed. Only hyper-pigmentated marks were left. The itching and irritation were no longer present.

The patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. She was very thankful to Dr. Shah and the Life Force team who had helped her obtain great relief in her health problem of tinea cruris. She is continuing with our treatment to get permanent recovery from her skin complaint.


This case highlights that homeopathy can treat fungal infections such as Tinea Cruris successfully without using antifungal cream. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating tinea cruris. Also, homeopathy is gentle and safe as it does not cause any side effects.

  • Written by Dr. Darshana, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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