Relapsing Lichen Planus Healed With Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

A 28-year-old female patient, Ms. R.U. (PIN: 38994) visited Life Force and started homeopathic treatment in January 2019 for her complaint of Lichen Planus. 

She was suffering from this skin condition for the last 6 months. She first experienced the lesions of lichen planus 8 years back. The patient took allopathic medicines and got better. However, it relapsed from the past 6 months. Lichen planus lesions were present all over her body. Active lesions were less. Hyperpigmentation, post the active lesions, was more prominent on her skin. Intense itching and dryness of the skin were bothering her. The patient was not taking any medicines and started following homeopathy from Life Force.

The patient’s appetite was average. She had no craving for any specific food. Her thirst for water was adequate. She had no issues related to the urine and stool. Her sleep was sound and refreshing.

The patient was in college. She was staying with her parents and two brothers. By nature, she was anxious and, often, would get stressed easily.

She had no major illness in the past. Her brother also suffered from lichen planus.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed some research-based homeopathic medicines along with some dietary tips to the patient.

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On 18th October 2019, the patient reported that there was a great improvement with the homeopathic medicines, but she noticed a few new lesions noticed in the last month. All her active lichen planus spots had subsided after starting homeopathic treatment; however, a few spots were noticed in the last few days. On further evaluation, it was found that the patient suffered from a throat infection, for which she took antibiotics and it had triggered her lichen planus. Her case was reviewed and further medicines were prescribed.


On 7th December 2020, the patient reported that she was completely fine with the medicines. All the active spots had subsided, and only hyperpigmentation was left. The itching and dry skin were no longer present. She had experienced an overall great improvement with the medicines.


On 18th July 2021, the patient updated that she was perfectly fine. Now, she experienced neither itching nor dry skin. Active lesions were no longer present. Hyperpigmented marks were also getting lighter day by day. There was an overall recovery with medicines.


The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating her and improving her skin health. She is still under the treatment to experience a complete recovery from the skin condition.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic, relapsing lichen planus incredibly and safely without any side effects. It promotes healing of the lesions of lichen planus, minimizes discomfort, and improves skin health.

  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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