Homeopathy Resolved A Mother’s Major Concern Of Poor Weight Gain In Her 6-Year-Old

A 6-year-old child boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Master A.C. (PIN: 40246) visited Life Force’s Chembur clinic.

His parents were concerned as he was not gaining weight. At the age of 6 years, he weighed only 17.8 kgs. He couldn’t be persuaded to eat as he had a very poor appetite. Every evening, he complained mother about getting leg pain and tiredness.

Besides this, his parents also wanted to get him treated for his bed-wetting habit. His frequency of bed-wetting was almost 2-3 times each night. His mother added that he was a slow learner at school, otherwise he was quite a bright child. She noticed it when he started going to school. She mentioned that he made a lot of mistakes while writing and was confused between d and b and g and p. He was also slow in writing and had a poor memory for what was taught in the class. The child was experiencing difficulties in practicing mathematics. In his Junior K.G.’s final exams, he had scored 0/10. His speech was unclear, and he was under speech therapy treatment.


On taking further details, his mother revealed that he was a picky eater and would not eat anything besides ladies fingers and have milk 3 times a day. He had a low appetite and was not very keen on eating food. Like the other children, he also disliked eating brinjal, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and most of the green vegetables. He had an excess of thirst and would consume 2-3 liters of water a day. Also, he perspired easily than others. His bowels movements were satisfactory. 


He was a full-term normal delivery child. His mother’s health during the pregnancy was good. All his milestones were normal, and he was vaccinated on time. He stayed in a nuclear family along with his father who was a businessman, a homemaker mother, and an elder sister studying in class 3. The patient was a student of class 1.


On asking about his nature, his mother said that he was a quite happy and playful child. Off late, he had got into a habit of using bad words that he had picked up from the school. As a child, he had suffered from chickenpox once and also had an episode of mouth ulcers a few months back.


After analyzing and evaluating his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Phos along with his research-based homeopathic medicine to the patient. The patient along with his parents was counseled about healthy eating habits. Also, they were counseled for restricting water intake in the evening and before bedtime and keeping alarms to wake up the patient for a trip to the washroom to pass the urine.

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His progress was monitored over the call as he had to go back to Rajasthan.

At the first follow-up on 14th September 2019, there was an improvement in his appetite. His complaint of bed-wetting had reduced from 2-3 times every night to once at night. His complaints of pain in the legs and tiredness remained unchanged.

During the second follow-up on 13th December 2019, his weight increased to 18.5 kgs with an improved appetite. There was also an improvement in his relief in the complaints of his leg pain and tiredness. The bed-wetting had further reduced from once every night to 3-4 times a week.

At the next follow-up on 17th February 2020, a further improvement in his weight and the relief in the leg pain and other symptoms had occurred. However, the complaints of making mistakes in writing continued. At this follow-up, Dr. Shah revised his prescription.

In the subsequent follow-up on 21st May 2020, the patient’s mother reported an improvement in speech along with the further improvement in his weight and the relief in leg pain.

On 18th July 2020, the patient’s mother reported further improvement in his memory, besides an improvement in his weight and speech.

By the follow-up in September 2020, the patient’s weight had improved to 23 kgs.

At the follow-up on 6th January 2021, the patient weighed 24 kgs. He had no complaints of leg pain. He was now able to memorize 4 letter words with occasional forgetfulness. His mistakes in writing had reduced, and his handwriting improved. His complaints of bed-wetting remained stable, and he was advised to continue the treatment further for the relief in bed-wetting.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is the best and safest treatment for health conditions in children in their growing years. It helps promote overall improvement of the child gently and without creating any dependency on the medicines nor causes any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Yafta Saiyad, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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