Homeopathy Treated 1.5 Years Chronic Warts Gently And Incredibly In Just 15 Days

Mr. A.K. (PIN: 45098) was suffering from warts over his face for the past 1.5 years. He tried using the over-the-counter medicine for warts that included Thuja, Causticum, and Wartnil lotion for about 1.5 years; but, the warts were quite stubborn and persisted. Finally, he decided to seek professional help for the same. He Googled for the best clinic for warts treatment where he got the address of our Santacruz Clinic.

He visited us at Life Force on 1st April 2021. Our associate doctor consulted him in detail. During the case taking, the patient revealed that it started with a single wart over his chin that later spread to his cheeks, chin, and neck due to the trauma caused by shaving. Later on, warts started to appear on the scalp as well. Also, initially, the warts were painless with no itching but, in the last month, he had started experiencing an itchy sensation which was causing him great discomfort. He was afraid that warts could spread if he scratched them. On observation, the associate doctor could see multiple flesh-colored warts on the cheeks, chin, nostrils, and scalp. Some of the warts were also flat.

Mr. A.K. did not have any other health issues. He was a vegetarian and loved to eat fruits and sweets. He had an average thirst. The patient’s bowels were satisfactory. He could not tolerate the heat.

He was married and staying with his wife and parents. He was stressed due to his work but strived to maintain a balanced life. He took great care of his health and tried to eat healthy food. Throughout the case history, his tone was very mild, gentle, and expressive about his disease.

After analyzing the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based patented homeopathic medicines for 2 months to the patient. The associate doctor counseled him about the right skincare and diet appropriate for his condition.



When he gave his first follow-up on 28th May 2021 he shared that within 15 days of starting our homeopathic treatment, most of the warts on his face came off. He was astonished by the results and continued to take the medicines.

After completing eight weeks of homeopathic treatment, merely 1 wart was remaining. Dr. Shah prescribed a further course of homeopathic medicines for the remaining wart.

The patient was happy with the fantastic results he received with the homeopathic treatment at Life Force.



This case helps to dismiss the myth that homeopathy is a slow-acting treatment. Also, it helped dismiss the myth that, with homeopathy, the complaints first increase, and then the relief follows. This case also highlights the gentle nature of the homeopathic treatment. Conventional treatment for warts would comprise the use of chemicals for cauterizing, freezing of warts, or the use of laser and surgery for its removal. Most of the time, these treatments could cause a scar on the skin or irritate the skin. On the contrary, with the homeopathic treatment, warts just come off the skin without any pain nor leave ugly scars on the skin.

Thus, you can think of Homeopathy if there is any chronic skin issue.

Disclaimer - The treatment duration varies from patient to patient and would depend on the chronicity, pathology, and complexity of his presenting complaint.


  • Written by Dr. Yafta S., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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