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Get Relieved Of Psoriasis Without Dependency On Conventional Medicines With Homeopathy

A 28-year-old patient, Mr. S.K. (PIN: 39840) came with complaints of psoriasis to the Santacruz branch of Life Force in Mumbai on 9th April 2019.

He was looking for treatment for psoriasis to work on its root cause and heal the skin condition completely to eliminate it from his body. The main characteristic feature of his Psoriasis was that it was cortisone-masked which means it was suppressed with corticosteroids.

The main aspect of his treatment was to ensure that there will be no spread or resurfacing of psoriasis after stopping steroids. So, we informed him that we need to diligently treat the skin condition with homeopathy medicines so that he is free from psoriasis.

He had a chronic problem of psoriasis for 1.5 years, and grief related to the money and stress added to his problem by triggering psoriasis. After taking his detailed case consultation, we observed that he had psoriasis all over the body i.e. on his hands, legs, chest, back, and behind the ears. He had red spots all over the body that indicated guttate psoriasis and scalp psoriasis with a marked hair fall. He also suffered from itching which was marked along with bleeding from scratching.

He took various allopathic medicines which are as follows.  

1. Tab. Folitrax (methotrexate) 5 mg (twice a week) for 5 months stopped for 1 month. 

2. Tab Folvite (multivitamin) 5 mg 1 daily after dinner for 5 months stopped for 1 month.

3. Tab 1-AL (Levocetirizine) 1 daily after dinner for 5 months stopped for 1 month.

4. Ointment Elocon (Mometasone furoate) application at night on the body and scalp for 5 months stopped for 1 month.

5. Cap. Mega-3 (omega-3) one afternoon for 5 months stopped for 1 month.

These medicines just increased the problem more, thereby leading to suppression of chronic disease of psoriasis. The moment he stopped the conventional mode of treatment, his psoriasis complaints resurfaced causing much more problems with a higher intensity. One crucial aspect was that, despite taking allopathic medicines, his itching problem wasn’t reducing. So, the problem of autoimmune disorder existed, and there was not much relief with immunosuppressants.


He had a history of Renal calculi 2 years back and had no complaints of it anymore. In his family, nobody suffered from psoriasis. He was the first person in his family suffering from psoriasis.


He was a normal person having tension related to his work. He craved non-vegetarian food and had aversion to vegetables. He was an assistant director who lived with his mother, father, and two brothers. He had a financial crisis for 15 years and found it difficult to cope up with. He was also stressed out due to the same.


On studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based therapy in homeopathy which was bound to show a positive effect promoting recovery from the condition.



In July 2019, his relief in psoriasis discomfort had improved by 70%. Homeopathic medicines resulted in a marked improvement in his recovery from the problem of psoriasis. His itching had also reduced greatly.


There were many fluctuations in his treatment, as he traveled outside of Mumbai. His scalp psoriasis was bothering him, but it was ultimately stable after taking homeopathy medicines for 4 months religiously. His hair health was restored to normalcy. He again started experiencing improvement in relief in June 2020 and responded well to the treatment.


Now, he is 80% relieved of all his complaints and problems of psoriasis. His allopathy treatment has also stopped.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating psoriasis successfully and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy addresses and corrects the root cause of psoriasis and offers you long-lasting to permanent recovery from the skin condition.


At Life Force, we believe in achieving recovery from the health condition by addressing the root cause of disease, thereby offering you a long-lasting recovery. Approach us for the best results in psoriasis if you are facing the same problem or even its severe form. We understand the disease and treat it effectively, thereby allowing you to embrace a healthy life. Get started with treatment at Life Force Homeopathy for more effective results. We provide great care, ensure patient satisfaction, and help you in achieving success on the path of recovery.  


  • Written by Dr. Rati, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah



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