A 6-Year-Old Girl Child Fully Recovered From Bronchitis With Homeopathy

The mother of a 6-year-old girl child, Ms. S.G. (PIN: 43423) consulted Life Force online on 25th July 2020 for her daughter’s treatment for bronchitis. The child was suffering from Bronchitis (reactive Airway Disease) since 1 year of her age and was hospitalized for the same. Chest discomfort, wheezing, cough, and shortness of breath affected her badly. The child was on inhalers every alternate day. She used to experience dry cough and, sometimes, yellowish expectoration.

No other complaints bothered the patient. Her mother also was concerned about her child’s health and condition because of the prevailing pandemic.


At Life Force:

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah Sir prescribed Arsenic Album 30 to the patient.

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When the patient gave the first follow-up on 24th September 2020, she was better. She was using an inhaler now after every 3 days.


On 19th November 2020, the patient was better. Her need for the inhaler was as it is.


On 14th January 2021, the child was 90% better. No episode of bronchitis had affected her. She was no longer needed the inhaler. The child had stopped using an inhaler in December 2020.


On 27th April 2021, the patient was 95% better.

As her mother was very conscious because of the pandemic situation, it was advised to continue a maintenance dose of homeopathic medicine.


On 29th October 2021, the child was 100% better. No episode of cold, cough, or breathlessness bothered her. As she was completely healed, her medicines were stopped.


The patient and her parents were happy and satisfied with the homeopathic treatment that the child received at Life Force.



This case explains that an early diagnosis and treatment for bronchitis in children help them heal successfully and safely without any side effects. It also illustrates that homeopathy is very effective in developing immunity and heals the child from within. This case is an ideal example of successful online consultation and it encourages effective online consultation.


  • Written by Dr. Sapna Tarale, Associate doctor Dr. Rajesh Shah


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