Homeopathy Healed A Lady With PCOD Successfully In 1 Year

A 28-year-old lady from Delhi (PIN: 41598) contacted Life Force for her complaints of recurrent PCOD, Tonsil stones, and Alopecia in November 2019. She had taken many medications for her PCOD, but there was no change in her complaints. Hormonal medications helped her get her menses back, but, as soon as she stopped taking medication, her complaints recurred. She also suffered from hair fall, for which she had taken Ayurvedic medicine which controlled her hair fall. But, it again started within 6 months after stopping Ayurvedic medication.


She had the following complaints;

  1. Polycystic ovary, multiple cysts on the periphery of the ovary. Her menses were very irregular, delayed, and scanty.
  2. Hair fall that had restarted.
  3. Recurrent multiple Tonsil stones which resulted in bad breath with sensation as if something is stuck in the throat.
  4. Hyperacidity
  5. An underactive Hypothyroid


Physical Generals:

She loved eating sweets, particularly chocolate. She does not like eating sour and spicy food. Her water intake was very less. She would sweat profusely, and perspiration was more on her palms and soles even in the winter. Her sleep was also not good, and she would get vivid dreams at night. Her sleep was not refreshing. She was overweight(80kgs), according to her height and age.


Psychological Make-Up:

As a person, she was very sensitive. Though she was a student of psychology, she was unable to handle stress which triggered her already developed complaint. She also suffered from guilt and lots of fear and continued to think about her past


Medical History:

She suffered from various diseases when she was a child, such as Pneumonia, Typhoid, and Hepatitis. Her immune system had got a lot weakened that even a slight cold would be unbearable to her.


At Life Force:

Dr. Shah studied her case personally and prescribed research-based medicine for the same along with dietary restrictions.



When the patient gave the first follow-up on 4th January 2020, there was a slight improvement in the condition. She experienced 10% relief in her complaints. She started our homeopathic treatment for Tonsillar stone on 4th January 2020.


When she gave feedback in May 2020, no significant improvement had occurred. Only her hair fall was a bit controlled. Her menses were coming but still delayed and scanty. Tonsil stone was as it is, and she still had that stuck feeling sensation in the mouth. She used to experience a foul smell from the mouth in spite of brushing. Dr. Shah restudied the case and prescribed the necessary medicine to the patient.


On the follow-up on 25th August 2020, a marked improvement was noticed in her relief. Her menses turned regular, and the flow was also moderate. Her weight reduced by 5kg in the last 5 months. These changes were remarkable. 40% reduction in Tonsillar stone symptoms had occurred. Her halitosis discomforts had reduced; the stuck feeling sensation also got reduced.


Later, on the follow-up on 6th November 2020, a marked improvement in her relief from hair fall problem had occurred. Her menses turned regular. The stuck feeling in the mouth and halitosis no more bothered her. She was very delighted with the treatment. She went into depression when she was not getting any results for the first few months of treatment, but she continued the treatment and now she is happy with the progress.


We advised her to go for USG to know the PCOD condition. USG pelvis was done on 15th November 2020, and the result revealed no more cyst in the ovary.


She is still under treatment and improving. Her hair fall has reduced, and her facial hair has also reduced. She has experienced a marked improvement in her moods. She can now manage her emotions.


The patient was very happy with our treatment and thanked Dr. Shah and his Life Force team for treating her and improving her health.



When your hormones are imbalanced, it affects not only your physical condition but also your emotional health. Homeopathy can help you heal from within naturally. In this case, a well-selected homeopathic medicine not only removed the PCOD complaints but also balanced her hormones offering long-lasting results safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Ruchika Roy, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah



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