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And the anxious expression on her face was replaced by a cheerful smile....



S K, 3 years 2 months old child (Pin11792) suffering from atopic dermatitis since 6 months of age was brought to India by her parents. The complaints had started with redness of skin and excessive dryness, followed by scales. It began on her scalp, then the face got affected with gradual spread on the bends of elbows and knees.

The parents reported the winters of the US and weather changes would worsen the itching and her skin would get more dry and inflammed.

She was on hydrocortisone ointments on and off, with temporary relief of the dermatitis. The itching had become worse since one month.

Her appetite was good and she used to crave for chocolates and spicy food.

There was a strong family history of asthma.

Her father was an engineer and she was a victim of frequent quarrels between her parents. Her mother never wanted her and when she was born, the frustration that her mother had for her mother-in-law and sister-in-law was vented out on her daughter. The mother would hit the child quite often and would turn violent on her.

On the emotional front, S. K. was quite an angry and irritable child, full of restlessness and a marked expression of anxiety on her face. All the time she would be scratching, could not keep her hands off and was unable to play and be cheerful like other kids of her age.

Dr Shah examined the child and on the basis of this case history, medicines were prescribed. Dr Shah advised to stop with cortisone creams.

In 15 days time, the itching was 20% better.

In 4 weeks the redness subsided. The treatment was continued further. In 2 months the eczema was 50% better. The itching had reduced substantially. Now she would scratch occasionally and the intensity was remarkably less than before.

In 6 months time, S. K. got completely rid of her eczema. The parents were extremely grateful to Dr Shah. The anxious expression on her face disappeared and was replaced by a smile. This was something wonderful. The child is now found to be happy and cheerful.

They are continuing with the treatment for best results with homeopathy.

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