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And my palms and soles got normal again....

A 49 yrs male, Mr. A. C. (PIN 9799) visited Life Force Homeopathy for psoriasis treatment. He had psoriasis since 6 months. His palms, feet and elbows were affected. The palms and soles had enormous scaling. There were cracks with tremendous itching. They would bleed occassionally. The psoriasis was rapidly spreading The nails showed pitting. He was using propysalic ointment since 5 months.

He was a known case of diabetes mellitus since 5 years. He was on regular medication with the blood sugar levels well under control.

The appetite, thirst, perspiration were normal. There was marked desire for milk, vegetables and sweets.

A. C. was a disciplined, perfectionist, performance oriented man with good decision making calibre. He was known for his cleanliness, was very particular and would like things to be spick and span. The psoriasis on his palms and soles was bothering him a lot. He felt unclean and was afraid if it would get better anytime.

He was an emotional person extremely attached to his family.

His father was a known case of long standing eczema. Apart from this there was no significant past history.

After a detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed him our research based remedies for psoriasis. He was advised to stop the ointment.

In 4 weeks the scaling reduced remarkably. The rate of spread of psoriasis was controlled followed by decrease in the size of the lesions.

In 8 weeks the cracks reduced substantially. The palms were getting clear. There was no bleeding from the cracks or scaling. The nails were improving gradually.

There was no relapse.

In 12 weeks the soles were 75% better.

After end of 6 months the soles and palms regained normal skin. There was 90% improvement. Thereafter his medicines were continued for 2 more months, after which they were discontinued.

A. C. was overwhelmed with happiness, his joy knew no bounds when he regained normal skin on the palms and soles.

Timely administered homeopathic medicine cures psoriasis and normal skin is regained.


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