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Associated with the skin complaints also had pain in both the knees with occasional swelling since last 2 years

Mr. R .J (Patient Ref. No. L-6973) aged 43 yrs, reported to the clinic on August 10, 2004, with psoriatic eruptions all over his body and he had been suffering from this for past 4 long years. His entire body was covered with erythematous rashes which used to itch tremendously. These psoriatic plaques present over his body were intense scaling.

Associated with the skin complaints he also had pain in both his knees with occasional swelling for last 2 years. This pain would be worse in winters and by any type of physical exertion.

psoriasis plaque

Coming to his personal details he reported that he had marked craving for spicy food. He even used to prefer to eat oily and fermented food as well. Thermally he was a hot patient. Also constitutionally he was very obese and flabby.

On inquiring about his personality details, he revealed that he was very irritable by nature. He used to get upset at trivial things. He is also in the habit of repeating his instructions several times.

He is also very skeptical about various issues. He keeps on checking and rechecking things as to whether he had made any mistake. This was not only for himself, but also he used to keep warning and reminding others to recheck for things whether it was done properly or not.

While narrating the mental attributes he also gave the history that he was under a lot of financial stress as he was jobless a year prior to the onset of his psoriasis. He also lacks confidence in whatever he does. The only concern which bothers him is whether or not he would complete the task on time even if he has almost done it and it is along the lines of completion. He had a marked aversion to crowds. He was short-tempered and remarkably obstinate in nature.

As regards to his family history, there was no history of any major illness except that his father had hypertension. Also, there was no significant past history in his case.

Taking his entire case details into consideration, a single dose of Carcinosin 200 and Nat muriaticum 200 was prescribed for him. After 12 weeks when he reported to the clinic for his regular follow up the psoriatic eruptions on his body had healed up to 50%. The further spread of these psoriatic plaques was halted. Although there were very few new eruptions coming up in various parts of his body they were also healing faster. The distressing itching that he used to have prior to starting the treatment was now alleviated to a great extent. He cheerfully remarked saying that he is much much better after taking these homeopathic medicines.

Also, the knee pain which he had for the last 2 years was considerably better. This was the first time when even after the onset of winters he did not experience discomfort and swelling which he used to have almost every winter. The line of treatment was kept the same and he was asked to report again after a period of 6 weeks.

On January 1st, 2005 when he came for his follow up to his surprise there were no eruptions whatsoever of any part of his body. The new eruptions had completely stopped coming up and his skin was much clearer this time. When we compared his before and after photographs, not only the patient but even his wife was left spellbound to witness the wonders of this gentle healing science called "Homoeopathy".

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