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A Patient Mrs. BPR [PIN 14472] aged 54 years, came to Life Force for the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome (focal proliferative glomerulonephritis)

A Patient Mrs. BPR [PIN 14472] aged 54 years, residing in Ghatkopar, came to Life Force for the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome (focal proliferative glomerulonephritis)

All her symptoms started with frothy urine and weakness, she was duly investigated by her family physician and diagnosed as Nephrotic Syndrome.

She was then referred to a Nephrologist who suggested a kidney biopsy.

The biopsy revealed Focal Proliferative Glomerulonephritis [ FPGN ]

Her 24 hours urine proteins were very high; around 3 gram.

She was started with high dose of cortisone; she was prescribed tablet Omnacortil 110 mg alt day.

After taking steroids her protein loss reduced but patient developed steroid induced diabetes, and cataract, and diarrhea. So she was advised to taper and gradually stop the steroids, but on stopping steroids, she again reported heavy protein loss. At this point she consulted Dr Shah at Life Force on 29 Jun 2010

Her case was taken in detail.

She was a calm, affectionate lady. She was very social, religious, sensitive and sentimental lady, she liked cooking.

Along with 110 mg of Omnacortil she was also on
Tab Telma 20 1 tab/day
Tab Azstor 20 1 tab/day
Shelcal 500 1 tab/day

Dr Shah attended her and prescribed kali carb 200 and a research based remedy.

In three months she could taper and stop her cortisone.

The 24 hours urine proteins test done on 29-9-10
showed: 585 mg/24 hours

The 24 hours urine proteins test done on 8-12-10: 180 mg/24 hours.

She had stopped steroids long back. Her blood sugar came down and she could stop all her anti-diabetics.

She has regained her health and her confidence. Her consulting Nephrologist has taken down Dr Shah’s contact details and has praised Homeopathy. He has advised her to continue Homeopathy and report to him after every 6 months with the 24 hours urine protein report. She is just on an ACE Inhibitor and calcium from his end.

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