A 55 years old male Mr. B.P., He was suffering from mild to moderate patches of psoriasis on his palms and soles.

A 55 years old male Mr. B.P. came for the treatment of palmo-plantar psoriasis.

His PIN [patient identification number] is 8569.

He was suffering from mild to moderate patches of psoriasis on his palms and soles.

He was suffering from the last three years. The skin lesions would increase in the winter and develop deep and painful cracks.

He would apply Betnovate cream and later on Tenovate cream.

He would get relief for a few days, but as soon as he discontinued the creams the redness and scales and cracks would reappear.

He experienced severe itching.

The palms were affected first and then the soles were affected.

He liked spicy food; he was more tolerant to heat, than cold.

He was stout. He had perspiration on the palms and soles.

His sleep was normal.

He was a charted accountant.

He had his own consultancy. He was very fastidious and particular.

He was a strict disciplinarian.

He was also associated with social organizations and he voluntarily helped them maintain there books of accounts.

Dr Shah consulted him and prescribed Carcinosin 30 C

He was under very regular treatment for around two years.

He was asked to gradually reduce the application of Tenovate

When he stopped the application of Tenovate the psoriasis would increase. Gradually in 4-6 months he could completely stop the local application,

The cracks stopped, the itching reduced, but the scales still persisted.

Gradually the scales also reduced, and the skin became normal.

He still visits the center as his daughters are under our care, and we are able to track that the psoriasis never reoccurred.

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