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A 27 year old female, with chronic IBS working as a product manager in a reputed firm, suffering form urgency and straining for stools accompanied with frequent headaches relieved by passing stools.

Mrs. L. S (Patient Ref. No. S-6014) a 27 years old female reported to the clinic with complaints of irritable bowel syndrome since 7 years. She would experience the urge to pass stools immediately after eating anything. She would take long time to pass stools, about 45 minutes to 1 hour on an average. She would have to strain a lot to pass stools and would have much pain in the abdomen before and during defecation. The frequency of stools would be at least 2-3 times in order to evacuate the bowels completely. On a few occasions she would pass mucus and blood with stools. There would be lot of ineffectual urging to pass the stools and she said that daily she would have to spend at least one to one and a half hour in the morning. This would also cause much fatigue and irritability lasting all day long.

She would also get recurrent loose motions, wherein the stools were watery, with mucus and a lot of rumbling in the abdomen. Her abdomen would feel bloated up most of the times and she would also have lot of burning in the abdomen and chest. Her complaints would be worse from certain foods like spinach, cucumber, certain pulses, watermelons, etc. She had lost weight of about 3 kgs in a span of 7 months due to this illness.

She also had complaints of frequent headaches whereby she would get splitting pain in the head that would be relieved by passing stools.

She was very fond of sweets and sour foods. She could not tolerate slightest exposure to cold climate. Usually she had sound sleep, though it would sometimes get disturbed with symptoms of IBS.

She was working for a renowned company as their product manager and she was very industrious by nature. She said that she had recently become very irritable and would express her anger outright. She had a constant feeling of misfortune due to her ill health and she would constantly brood about it She was impulsive too and would react sharply to situations. She had also become forgetful in the past few months and would frequently forget things here and there. She had lost her alertness about self and her things. She also complained that her memory had become poor and she would not remember numbers and figures as easily as before.

There was no history of any major illness in the past. There was history of diabetes, hypertension and bronchial asthma in her family. She had seen more than half a dozen gastroenterologists for her complaints of IBS but she had not got any relief from any treatment so far.

Based on the above history she was prescribed individualised homeopathic treatment for her complaints. At the end of about eight months of treatment, there was significant improvement in her complaints than before.There was marked improvement in her urge to pass stools and she didn't have to strain much to pass stools. There was no presence of blood and mucus in the stools. The ineffectual urging for stools had also reduced and her bloating of abdomen was significantly less. She had to continue the treatment for another few months to get complete relief. She had a mild relapse of her complaints in between but it could be tackled effectively with the medicines. Overall her quality of life was much better than before and she was able to lead a near normal life.


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