A 35 years aged young man Mr D.U.B, He was suffering from the last 18 months and he had symptoms of vertigo

A 35-years-old young man, Mr. D.U.B (PIN: 14866) reported to our clinic with the complaints of dizziness and vertigo. He was suffering from vertigo from the last 18 months, and he was experiencing the symptoms of vertigo, such as dizziness and lack of confidence. 

He would feel that the objects are moving, and he would swing and bend more than needed. He would feel that he is moving forward or backward a bit. Then, he consulted various doctors and took treatment. He would get a good relief and feel good, but, then, again the symptoms would recur. When the symptoms recurred, he would become anxious and depressed and would experience a lack of confidence. Later, he visited a neurologist and the neurologist prescribed him another set of medicines. He felt better, but he learned that they contain anti-depressants, so he discontinued them.

 Again, all his symptoms recurred, and he was left with the feeling that he was suffering from depression or something else. So, he again started the anti-depressants, albeit with reluctance. As these relapses continued he became more prone to emotional disturbances and weeping spells.

He developed fears, and he became nervous. He again underwent a battery of tests including ECG, stress test, etc. When his symptoms would turn severe, he would feel pressure in his ears, and he had to blow air from the nose. Once he got muscle pain while playing badminton. The cardiologist remarked that the pain was of cardiac origin, and this triggered anxiety and symptoms of panic. He would become very sentimental and weep, and he felt unconfident to travel, play, etc. He was currently on tablet Betacap 40 mg and tablet Stugeron. In the past, he was on Zapiz 0.5 mg and Tynept 12.5 mg, Stugeron, and Betacap TR. 

He has a craving for sweets, and he liked to have a sweet dish after dinner. He also liked the spicy and tasty food. He was average build. On further inquiry, he revealed that he was under a lot of family stress. He had also developed labile hypertension and was on prescribed medicines. His case was understood in detail. 

His father died of a sudden cardiac arrest when the patient was in the 10th standard. His uncle, who was his father’s partner, cheated them and said that the business was in a loss and there was no money left and that they were broke. So, the patient did not argue, he said “OK.” and left the house with his mother and brother, and, later on, went on to build his own business empire. 

He is very emotional by nature. Two years ago, there was a separation in his family too. The women in the house did not agree and they faced separation. There were brief arguments, but then he is again well-connected with everyone. He is very cooperative and helping in nature. The patient has a business of providing building material to infrastructure projects. 

Dr. Shah consulted him and prescribed Lycopodium 200 C and a suitable research-based remedy. 

Within four months, the patient had recovered completely. He could discontinue Stugeron and tablet Betacap 40 mg. He was fresh, he could focus on his work, and he could travel everywhere. The test of recovery came when he asked permission to visit the Himalayas for a religious journey. Dr. Shah granted him the permission, and he did not get any giddiness in the high-altitude journey. 

After around 8 months of starting the treatment, when he developed severe colds and sinusitis, he suffered from giddiness briefly. Apart from this, he has remained symptom-free over the last one year. Now Dr. Shah has stopped his treatment. The patient was very grateful for the wonderful recovery.

Homeopathy is highly effective in treating vertigo successfully and safely without any side-effects.

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