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Mr. A.J.C, a 41 yrs old male (Patient Identification Number 12834) visited our centre on 28th October, 2009 with the complaints of recurrent boils and eczema on the scalp, ears, face, chest, neck etc.

He had been suffering from these complaints from the last 2 years, which was worse in every winter. His complaints had aggravated since the last 1 month. He had itching with dryness and white scaling.

psoriasis on ear

He had a history of having a haircut after which the complaints started. The complaints were aggravated in winter season and perspiration. The complaints were better by washing hairs. He was diagnosed as a case of seborrhea by a dermatologist. He had taken some conventional medication for six months, but could not find any relief.

His perspiration, thirst and appetite were average with desire for spicy food and aversion to sweets. His sleep was good and refreshing.

He had a stationary business. He had a nuclear family of four, consisting of himself, wife, 1 son and 1 daughter.

He was very much attached to the family and was sent to an army school at the age of 11 years. Since then he used to enjoy vigorous physical activities. He was a straightforward person and could not tolerate injustice. He had a helping nature and had a benevolent personality.

psoriasis on ear

In his family, his sister had Diabetes, mother had renal calculi and his father had ischemic heart disease.

After studying the case history and examining the patient, Dr. Shah suspected it to be a case of Psoriasis, which had been ill treated by the conventional medication.

Dr. Shah advised him to stop all the conventional medication and prescribed him some research based medicine. Dr. Shah had anticipated some flare up of this condition and this was accordingly explained to the patient.

In the first follow up, there was a slight flare up of the pustular boils on the scalp.

After the medication of 2.5 months the clear
picture of psoriasis emerged, and there were patches on the scalp, ears, face, chest, with oozing and itching.

In the next follow up, after 1 month�s medication, the first sign of recovery was appreciable with drying up of the patches and no oozing. The itching had reduced considerably.

In the coming 4-5 months, the complaints were better by almost 80 % and the patient was really happy with the outcome of the treatment.

In the next follow up there was a mild flare up of the complaints. The patient was accordingly explained about the nature of the disease, for these mild flare ups.

In the next 2 months, the complaints were almost better by 90% and the patient was advised to stop the treatment and report back after 3-4 months.

The patient reported back after 5 months for a very mild itching and skin dryness which was accurately handled by Dr. Shah and the patient was back to his health within a month�s time.

He gave a very heart touching video testimonial, which has been uploaded on the website.

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