The pain in the abdomen, the frequency of stools, had considerably reduced....

A 29 years old female, Mrs. B. N. M (PIN NO - 12571) visited our clinic on 28th August 2009. She had the complaints of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She had been suffering from this complaint since the last 7 years, which had aggravated since 4 – 5 months. The last episode she faced was 10 days back. She had the complaints of indigestion, acidity, flatulence and pain in abdomen. The frequency of the stools was 2 -3 times / day and the consistency was loose and had mucus as well. The symptoms would increase if she had spicy or oily food or if she ate outside food.

She had taken conventional medication for the symptoms few months ago, but could not find any relief.

She had associated complaints of hair fall and occasional headache.

In her personal history she had an average appetite with craving for spicy and sweets. She was a hot patient thermally. There were no complaints in sleep, bowels, thirst.

She was staying with her husband, 5 years old son and mother in law. She was a housewife and her husband was in service in the IT industry.

She had a strong family history of Hypertension.

She was of mixing nature and was emotionally sensitive. She was also stubborn and had no stress in life.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed a constitutional medicine along with a research based remedy.

In the first follow up there was significant improvement in her complaints of IBS and hair fall. The pain in the abdomen, the frequency of stools, had considerably reduced.

In the next follow-up, the symptoms did not show much improvement. So the medicines were upgraded this time by Dr. Shah.

In the subsequent follow ups her complaints were gradually reducing. The stool consistency was normal and she did not face indigestion or acidity.

With regular medication under Dr. Shah her symptoms were better by 90% within 10 months of treatment. Dr Shah advised her to stop the treatment and report as and when required. She still visits the center for the treatment of her son and mother in law. She is doing well and does not require treatment.

(Uploaded on 30th August 2011 by Dr.MNP)

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