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Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy helped attaining complete recovery to 51 years old Chartered Accountant from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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A 51 years old Chartered Accountant Mr. S. K. (Patient identification number -18251) visited our clinic on 12th February 2012. He was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome since 5 years. He had to pass stools 5-7 times daily. He complained of flatulence and heaviness of abdomen. He had under gone colonoscopy and endoscopy 4 months back. His reports were normal. He was taking ayurvedic medicine since 4 months with mild relief.

He had associated complaint of high blood pressure since 4 years. His blood pressure was in control with the help of allopathy medicines.

He liked non vegetarian food and sweets and disliked spicy food. There were no complaints in thirst, perspiration, urine and sleep.

He was working in a private company. His family consisted of his wife and son. His wife was a home maker and son was graduating in final year of engineering.

He was a head strong and decisive person. During his childhood his father expired. He started working at an early age and took responsibilities of home. He was sensitive and introvert by nature .

His father was a patient of high blood pressure. His mother expired due to cancer of liver.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicines after studying his case in detail.

He visited for his first follow up on 4th April 2012. He passed stools 4-5 times a day which previously was 5-7 times a day. His complaint of flatulence did not find much improvement. He reported that his heaviness in abdomen had mild improvement.

On 1st June 2012 he reported further reduction in frequency of passing stool to 3-4 times a day. He had relief in flatulence and heaviness of abdomen.

Patient was glad to report on 22nd of August 2012 that his Irritable bowel syndrome was 50% better. His frequency of passing stool had further reduced to 2-3 times a day. He was feeling relieved as his complaint of flatulence and heaviness in abdomen had reduced significantly.

His health had shown 75% improvement by 9th November 2012. He passed motion one time daily. Patient had to pass stool 2-3 times occasionally; once in 2 months.

This case illustrates that with the help of Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy the frequency, duration and intensity of Irritable bowel syndrome gradually reduced and attained complete recovery.

Uploaded on 25th August 2013 by Dr. Ishita.


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