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He has been able to let off steroids; recover completely and since the last six months there is no disease activity, anywhere.

An ardent male of 40 years Mr. R. N. K (PIN NO - 11142) visited our centre for the complaints of Lichen Planus. There were scattered hyper pigmented spots on fore arms, legs, scalp, waist and neck. The main disease activity was located in the mouth, in the inner cheek and the gums. The gums were red, inflamed, and looked eroded. They were painful. The oral Lichen Planus had developed since the past few months; there was pain and burning sensation on having tea and chilly food.

oral lichen planus

One active lesion was present on the neck. He was suffering from this since the last 3 years. He was treated with conventional medications which consisted of a lot of steroids, orally as well as locally.

He had genital involvement in the past which was treated by steroidal application. There was involvement of both thumb nails, toe nails as well. He had a craving for spicy food, sweets and fish. He was a hot patient. There were no complaints in bowels habits and sleep.

He was living with his wife and two sons. His parents were residing in Gujarat. He was a competitive project manager working in a Pharmaceutical company. His wife was a home maker, and the sons were 10 years and 3 years old respectively.

He belonged to a very humble background. He studied with borrowed books. He was a very bright student. He was very devoted to his work and he was always promoted with higher work responsibility.

He was a responsible and systematic person; ambitious and punctual by nature. He described himself as �rough and tough, target oriented person�. He was fond of reading and studying, so was completing MBA course. He used to be aggressive when angry, but had reduced it in the past few years.

He described his wife as argumentative. When asked his reaction to her arguments, he just stated, �One may win the argument, but loose on emotions.�

There were no major health issues in the family. His father had diabetes and was a heart patient.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. He was prescribed Arsenic Iod 200C as a constitutional medicine along with a research based remedy.

In the first few follow ups there was mild improvement in the complaints. The lesions of the oral cavity were better. The skin lesions did not show much improvement.

His case was reviewed and the medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah. In the next few follow ups there was considerable improvement in the oral lesions. There were new spots appearing on the neck and elsewhere. The old lesion on genitals reappeared. This was already anticipated by Dr. Shah as the patient had applied loads of steroidal application.

The patient was already explained about the resurfacing of the disease after a prolonged use of steroids. He had complete faith in Dr. Shah and he religiously took the treatment as per Dr. Shah�s advice.

In the next few months the lesions on the neck, genitals and oral were recovered by 90%. He was advised to continue the treatment for some more time. The oral Lichen Planus showed some remissions and relapses especially after stressful situations in his job and personal life. These were effectively dealt with without the use of any type of steroids.

His treatment was continued for a prolonged duration. He was under our treatment for three years. The prolonged use of steroids and the affection on the skin, genitals and oral mucosa necessitated prolonged treatment. He has done wonderfully with Homeopathic treatment.

He has been able to let off steroids; recover completely and since the last six months there is no disease activity, anywhere.

Dr Shah has concluded the treatment.

He has been advised to refrain from pain killers.

(Uploaded on 30th Sep by Dr. MNP)

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