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A 41 years old female, Mrs. S. D. V (PIN NO - 4903) visited our centre.

A 41 years old female, Mrs. S. D. V (PIN NO - 4903) visited our centre. She was an old patient treated by Dr. Shah for frequent cold complaints. This time she came with a fresh set of complaints of hair fall, weakness, lethargy, body pains and weight gain. All her complaints had started few months ago. She would feel dull and lethargic throughout the day. She would not feel like doing any work. Her clothes had become tight, she had gained weight.

Her hair fall started 2 months back. She had shoulder and calf muscle pains which would increase on any physical exertion. She would feel sleepy throughout the day, in spite of having a good night sleep of 8 hours.

Her appetite had increased. She would feel hungry even after a full meal. Her weight had increased by 3 – 4 kilograms in the past 3 months. Her thirst had decreased. She would perspire more on the face. She now started being more intolerant to cold. There were no complaints in bowels and urine.

She was a homemaker living in a joint family. Her husband was in the export business. She had a son who was a slow learner. She was staying with her in laws.

There was no significant family history of any major illnesses.

She had become irritable by nature in the past few months. She had differences with her sister in law, in the past.

Her case was analyzed in detail by Dr. Shah and she was advised to take a thyroid blood test.

Her thyroid reports indicated an underactive thyroid.

She was given a choice to start with conventional medicines or start with Homeopathy. Since she was freshly detected to be under active thyroid, she could be initiated Homeopathy, and the condition could be remedied. Generally when one starts eltroxin, it has to be taken for life. She was explained the chances of recovery with Homeopathy. She chose Homeopathic treatment for her under active thyroid.

She opted for Homeopathy as she had faith in Dr. Shah; she had previously benefited from his treatment.

She was prescribed Sepia 30C and a research based medicine by Dr. Shah after a detailed case study.

In the first follow up, she experienced good improvement in her complaints of shoulder and calf muscle pain. Her dullness had minimally reduced. No change was observed in hair fall and lethargy.

In the next follow up her shoulder and calf muscle pain had reduced by 50%. The dullness and sleepiness had further reduced. The hair fall and lethargy gradually started decreasing.

In the next few follow ups she noted a gradual improvement in all her complaints.

She was advised to repeat the thyroid test.

Her report dated 13/9/11- showed TSH – 4.58, which is within normal limit.

She was happy that she did not require lifelong thyroid supplements.

Homeopathy is a good option to treat Under Active Thyroid in the initial years. It can restore normal thyroid hormone production and avert the need for lifetime thyroid replacement therapy.

(Uploaded on 4th November by Dr.Megha)

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