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Urticaria of recent origin cured with 4 months of Homeopathic treatment....

Mrs. P.J. aged 26 years (Patient Identification Number 16980) visited Life Force for the treatment of Urticaria. She was suffering from Urticaria since 2 months. She would get hives almost all over the body. There was lots of itching and burning sensation. She would be affected by Urticaria whenever there was change of weather, and in the morning. She would get these complaints every day, which would persist for the entire day and it would subside after taking tablet Allegra 120 mg.

She had an average appetite. Her bowels and urination were normal. Her sleep was sound.

Her father and mother, both were suffering from ischemic heart disease.

She was very short tempered by nature; if things would not go according to her way. She would express her anger by shouting. She would love watching TV and listening to music. She had a fear of high places and water. She had lost her father six months ago; he died of a heart attack. She was very attached to her father. She had deep seated grief due to her father’s death. She would miss him a lot. She was very emotional by nature. She would get hurt easily for small matters; however she would never show it on her face. She would never share her feelings with any one.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed his researched based medicines along with her constitutional remedy.

After 6 weeks of medication, her Urticaria had reduced by 80%. There was no burning and itching sensation. She would get very mild hives. She stopped tablet Allegra, on her own. By four months, she was completely cured.

Since her urticaria was recent and she started Homeopathy at a very early stage, we could cut short the disease in a nascent stage, it a very short time.

Case Study uploaded by Dr. VPG on 8th November 2011.


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