Chalazion would develop on either of eyelids at least 23 times every year

Mr. W.Z (Patient Ref. No. 3522) a 49 years old male patient reported with complaints of recurrent Chalazion since 9 years. Every year he would develop Chalazion on either of the lids, in either of the eye and this would occur at least 2-3 times every year. Initially these would be relieved by hot compresses but later they stopped responding to the compresses. In the last two years, before he chose to take homeopathy, he had the chalazion operated 3 times but the chalazion would recur after a couple of months even after surgical excision. There would be no fixity as to where the chalazion would occur and it would affect any of the eyelids (sometimes even both eyelids) of either of the eye. He was very much distressed due to this problem and especially because he had undergone surgical excision 3 times but nothing would stop it from recurring.

His appetite and thirst were normal and he was fond of barbeque ribs and steaks. There was no problem with the urine and stools. He was tall and slightly overweight person with no other significant complaints.
He was an electronic technician and enjoyed bowling, fishing and computers. He was quiet by nature and was somewhat of a loner. He would get angry if people around him would be rude. The major stress in his life at that time was he was going to lose his job in the next 6 months. So he was very much worried about his unemployment. This thought would worry him a lot and he would feel very sad and depressed about it. Whenever he would feel so, he would try to engage his mind in something more entertaining.

He had a history of surgery for intestinal obstruction in the past, apart from surgical excision of chalazion 3 times. There was no history of any other major illness in the past. His father had complaints of aneurysm and there was no history of any other major illness in his family.
The patient was on oral and topical antibiotics for the chalazion and he had received a shot of local steroid injection for the same without much help.

He was prescribed a remedy named Silica along with a dose of another remedy called Thuja. The remedies were prescribed in the 200th potency. At the end of 10 months, his chalazion had almost disappeared and the best part was that there had been no recurrence of any new chalazion so far after starting the treatment. He was very glad that he could be saved from surgery and at the same time the recurrence of the chalazion could be arrested. He suffered from a major setback about 6 months after improving so far. At this time he started to develop another chalazion on his right upper eyelid but that disappeared with treatment, for another 2 months and he did not require surgery for it.
This case illustrates that certain surgical conditions can be effectively treated with homeopathy and surgery can be avoided many a times.

Remark: The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point of time. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any self-medication.

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