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A 54 years old male with Palmo-Plantar Psoriasis was cured using homeopathy

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A 54 years old male Mr. Y. V. B. (Patient Identification Number - 12580), visited our center on 29 August 2009, with the complaints of Palmo-Plantar Psoriasis. He was suffering since October 2008. There was skin exfoliation more on left sole than the right. The patches were scaly and dry with itching. There were also painful cracks. He had used some steroids based creams in the past, for a few months. At present he had been applying some Ayurvedic oil, which had given some relief.

He was also suffering from hypertension, which was being managed by the conventional medicines.

He was vegetarian by choice. His appetite was normal with no specific cravings or aversions. He had a habit of taking tobacco which he had left 5 – 6 months ago. He had profuse, generalized perspiration. There were no complaints in bowels, urine, thirst and sleep.

He was working in Reliance Company. His wife was working in a private company. He had 2 daughters. The elder daughter was married and the younger was studying.

He was a responsible and caring person. His daughter had been through a difficult pregnancy, which was a stress for him. He was very much attached to his daughters. The younger daughter was bold and strong, but the elder was soft hearted and emotional. This stressful phase had aggravated his complaints of Psoriasis.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed a constitutional medicine and a research based remedy.

In the first follow up after 2 months he reported 40% improvement of his complaints. The cracks had healed to a considerable extent, the dryness and scaling and reduced. The itching was less by 30%. There was no spread or occurrence of any new spot.

In the next few follow ups his complaints improved further.

After 4 months of treatment as the winter progressed, his complaints were mildly increased. This was a natural flare up of the disease process due to the weather change; he was reassured and guided about this by the attending physician. His prescription was accordingly upgraded by Dr. Shah.

With the further course of medication of 6 months with regular check ups and dose regulation, he was better by 90%. There were mild form of scaling and dryness. The palms had healed by 95%. He was advised to continue the medicines for a few more months to achieve the best possible outcome.

He reported back after 10 months with mild form of reactivation of the psoriasis.

Dr. Shah reviewed his case and he was prescribed appropriate medicines to prevent reoccurrences.

With 4 months of regular medication there was gradual improvement in the psoriasis complaint.

He has been advised to continue with the medicines for a couple of months for the complete treatment of this ailment.

He remarked that the Psoriasis had not flared up like last year. It came up only 10 % as compared to last winter. This mild reappearance promptly healed with giving the remedy that had suited him in the past.

(Uploaded on 4th Jan 2012 by Dr. MNP)


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