5 years old D. K. found excellent imrprovement in her Nephrotic Syndrome

A 5 years old cute girl Miss. D. K. (Patient Identification Number - 10761) visited our center on 7th June 2008. Her parents accompanied her. She had the complaints of Nephrotic Syndrome. She had the first episode in October 2006, the second in October 2007. It would start with swelling on the face and swelling around the eyes. Both these episodes were managed by oral steroid courses. During these episodes the urine reports would indicate 4+ proteins. Within few days of starting the steroid course, the urine protein would come to trace. From June 2008, she again had protein loss in her urine; the urine report indicated 2+ protein loss. There were no symptoms of any swelling. This time the parents decided to resort to the gentle healing of homeopathy for a permanent solution.

She had associated complaint of recurrent colds since birth. It would be mild in intensity. The episode would last for 4 – 5 days, once in 2 – 3 months. She would take conventional medicine as and when required.

There were no complaints with thirst, urine, bowels or sleep. She was sensitive to cold weather. She would perspire more on forehead and face.

She was studying in senior Kindergarten. Her father was an I. T. technician working in Mahindra Company. Her mother was a homemaker. She had no siblings.

Her father was suffering from Psoriasis. Her paternal grandfather had suffered from Tuberculosis in the past.

She was reserved and shy by nature. She was introvert and could not mix with strangers. She enjoyed watching T.V. and playing games. She was fearful, and would weep easily.

Her case details were studied by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Calcarea Carbonicum 30c and some research based medicines for 2 months.

She reported after 2 months on 7th August - with no complaints. Her cold was also better.

After 4 months of medicines on 13th October she reported with mild viral infection 15 days back, which was treated with conventional medicines. The urine report had showed proteins 2+ as well; she also had swelling on face. She continued with our medicines without opting for steroids. She very well recovered, her urine report showed no proteins after 1 week. Dr Shah upgraded the prescription to Calcarea Carbonicum 200c.

With next 4 months regular medicines she reported on 11th February 2009 with complete remission. The parents had been regularly checking the urine proteins, which were consistently showing negative result.

With next 6 months regular medications she reported on 15th August 2009. She did not have a single episode of protein loss in the last 6 months. They had been regularly checking her urine reports for proteins. The cold too had shown complete recovery. She reported with some mild constipation since last 2 – 3 months.

In the next follow up after 3 months on 5th November 2009 all her complaints were 90% improved. Her Nephrotic Syndrome was better. She had an acute episode of cold 2 weeks back which was treated adequately. Her constipation was better.

Since she had been experiencing the relapse in October – November of past 3 years she was advised to continue the medicines for another 2 – 3 months.

She reported after 4 months on 23rd March 2010 with no recurrence this time. She was advised to discontinue the medicines and report back if any relapse occurs. Her parents were very happy with the outcome of the treatment and expressed their gratitude to Dr. Shah and entire Life force team.

When one gets serious medical conditions such as these, the first step is naturally to start on conventional treatment. However, many a times, conventional treatment is not sufficient to cure it from the roots and patients experience recurrences. Under such circumstances, homeopathy can be added to prevent recurrence and complete the cure.

(Uploaded on 30th Jan 2012 by Dr. M NP)

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