Software engineer got relief in Urticaria from homeopathy

Mrs. B.D. 24 years old female residing in Mumbai (Patient Identification Number 9297) was suffering from Urticaria from last 3 years. She visited Life Force on 4 January 2007.

She was suffering from severe Urticaria. She had severe hives, they were reddish, slightly raised patches which generally started from ear lobes and slowly spread all over her body. There was a continuous urge for itching on the red portion. The Urticaria would appear every day, however it would be much more pronounced after eating sour food (mainly lemon, oranges and pickles.) The Urticaria was more severe in the winter. To get relief she used to take antihistamines every day. She also had recurrent allergic throat pain and cough; once in fifteen days, which would last for last 5-7 days. This got aggravated whenever she had cold drinks and ice cream.

She was a smart software professional working in a multinational company. She was recently married; she was dominating and short tempered by nature and got angry on trifles. Whenever she couldn’t dominate she would start weeping. She wept so that all others should listen to her. She was a single child and was pampered by her parents. They would fulfill all her wishes. She expected the same from her husband, if he opposed, then she would get intensely angry. She would weep and create a scene, till he agreed.
In her job she had reservations against some colleagues. She would feel deep anger and resentment and she would feel revengeful. She conceded that she would get hives in an hour or two after a bout of anger.

She lived with her husband. He was working in a bank. He was adjusting and considered her tantrums childish.

She had good appetite and thirst. She had a liking for sweets. Her bowel and urine habits were normal. She was sensitive to cold weather.

Dr Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 30c along with his research based homeopathic medicines for Urticaria.

After 3 months, on 4 April 2007, she reported improvement in frequency of urticaria redness and itching. Her dependence on anti histamines also reduced. Reduction in frequent allergic throat pain from once in 15 days to once in 2 months was observed.

After 6 months, on 6 July 2007, there was 80% improvement in her Urticaria, on having cold food or in cold weather she does not have itching.

On Oct 2007,she reported her condition is fast improving. She can now enyoy sour food without any aggravation

On Dec 2007,She was happy as there was not even a single episode of Urticaria in last 2 months.

She was thankful to Dr Shah and homeopathy for wonderful improvement in urticaria which was not responding with other medicines.

They were in South Africa for two years.

She had come for her son`s treatment at Life Force on 2 February 2012 for recurrent cough and cold. We enquired about her health and she confirmed although she was off medication for three years. Symptoms of Urticaria had not reappeared and she was absolutely fine.

Uploaded on 14th February 2012 by Dr. PD

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