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A middle aged lady succeeded in avoiding surgery for her back ache with timely management with homeopathic medicines.

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Mrs. S. V. R. (Patient Identification Number - 16795) succeeded in avoiding surgery for her back ache with timely management with homeopathic medicines. She visited our centre on 24 August 2011 after doing an extensive research on the internet for her complaints and resorted to homeopathy. She was a 38 years old home maker. Her complaints seemed chronic as she had a similar back ache around 10 years back which was managed with conventional medicines. This time her orthopedic doctor had suggested surgery as the last option to get rid of the back pain. She had been taking pain killers and applying creams and gels. The low back pain was of cutting and piercing type, radiating to the left ankle. The pain would be so severe to not allow her to conduct her household chores and she could not even sleep. She would feel slightly better after rest. Her complaints had probably started after she had lifted some heavy weight. She was recently detected with high blood pressure, which was being managed by conventional medicines. In her personal history, her appetite was average with no specific likings or disliking. Her sleep would be disturbed due to low back pain. She was sensitive to cold temperature. She was staying in a nuclear family with her husband and children. She had 10 years old twins: a son and a daughter. Her husband was a chartered accountant. She was an apprehensive and anxious person. She was very attached to her children, she would get easily tensed if they would fall sick or have an exam. Family history: her father was suffering from high blood pressure and her mother was suffering from diabetes. She had taken an x ray of lumbar spine on 18 August 2011: it showed lumbar disc bulging with herniation. Her case details were studied by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Kali Carbonicum 30c along with some research based medicines. She was also advised to start with physiotherapy treatment. After 1 month treatment she visited the center on 26 September 2011. She said that there was not much change in her pain. She had started with physiotherapy as advised by Dr. Shah. Her case was reviewed and the medicines upgraded by Dr. Shah. Dr Shah prescribed Kali Carbonicum 30c, along with Thuja Occidentalis 200c. After another 1.5 months medication, on 5 November 2011, she experienced 70% improvement in her back ache. She could now stand for a longer duration of time with ease and without pain. In her third follow up on 31 December 2011, she reported remarkable improvement. She stated 90% improvement. She could now sleep peacefully without letting the pain disturb her sleep. She visited our centre on 9.2.12 to thank Dr. Rajesh Shah and his entire Life Force team for her successful treatment

Uploaded on 16th Feb by Dr. M. N. P.

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