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50mg sertraline

sertraline 50mg

A retired politician Mr. M. M. (Patient Identification Number - 10598) was effectively managed with timely administration of homeopathic medicines for his various complaints. He had visited our centre on 17th April 2008 for his Allergic Bronchitis. His complaints were since 4 years, but had increased in the last 1 year. He had dry cough with hoarseness and throat irritation. There would be watery discharge from nose but no difficulty in breathing. His complaints would aggravate by change of weather, cold weather and food. The cough was more severe in the morning, around 4 to 6 am. He had done an x ray report which concluded it to be chronic bronchitis. He had associated complaint of Diabetes since 9 years, which was under control on conventional medicines. He was also suffering from knee pain since the last three to four years. He would avoid pain killers as he was a diabetic and pain killers are not good for the kidney. His appetite was normal with liking for salty things. His thirst, sleep, bowel movements were all normal. He was more sensitive to cold weather. He was living in a joint family with 3 sons and their families. All the sons were well settled. There was mild stress for his elder son who was issueless. They had spent a lot of money for the treatment but in vain. The other mild stress was regarding his youngest daughter in law who was finding it difficult to adjust in a joint family. He was a reserved and commanding person. He was very sentimentally attached to his family. He had undergone cataract surgery in the past. There was no significant family history. Dr Shah examined him and he was prescribed Kali Carbonicum 200c along with the research based medicines by Dr. Shah after a detailed case analysis.

After 2 months, 26 June 2008 he reported an improvement of almost 60%. The cough and knee joint pain was better. After another 1 month, on 27 July 2008, there was further improvement. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and medicines were prescribed. He found much relief and he could stop the treatment in the next few weeks. He visited a year later, this time for the complaints of giddiness on walking. He was undergoing some stress due to family property dispute between his sons. His case details were analyzed and he was prescribed Sulphur 200c by Dr. Shah. He also complained of severe pain in the spine.

Dr Shah asked him to undergo a few blood tests. He visited on 26th August 2009, with all the said reports. He was diagnosed as suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis. He had symptoms of tingling and numbness in fingers. He complained of morning stiffness in the back, neck and joints. He also complained of recurrent boils on face, legs, hands and inguinal region. He was prescribed few research based medicines.

In the next follow up (24/ 12/ 2009) there was almost 50 % improvement in all his complaints. He was treated for the back pain with Thuja Occidentalis 200c and Kali Carbonicum 200c. He remained symptom free for the next two years.

He reported again on 31/12/11 with mild relapse of his allergic bronchitis. He complained of cough with whitish expectoration. His ankylosing spondylitis was further better.

Dr Shah prescribed Kali Carbonicum 1m and Thuja Occidentalis 200c. He followed up again on 15 February 2012, the cough and back pain were reduced very substantially.

He was very satisfied with the treatment. He said, "Dr Shah's medicines suite me very well, just in one or two doses, I am fine."

Uploaded on 20th Feb by Dr. M. N. P


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