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Distressed 25 years old female patient of psoriasis experienced the healing touch of Homeopathy..

A 25 years female Ms. M.K.P., working in sales, (Patient Identification Number 17362) visited Life Force Center on 29 October 2011 for the treatment of Psoriasis.

She was suffering from Psoriasis since the last 2 years. She had psoriasis almost all over the body. Ms. M.K.P presented with patches which were reddish and pus filled, she had visited a few dermatologists but they were treating her with antibiotics and local steroid creams, she was first mis diagnosed as infective boils and the local treatment didn’t help her much.

She had severe itching with oozing; the oozing was especially on the hands and legs. It would begin with pustules followed with burning, itching and bursting of the boils followed with oozing. The skin lesions had become hyper pigmented. Dr Shah examined her and diagnosed it as pustular psoriasis; she was explained about the disease in detail.

Her case was studied in detail.

She was working in sales as an administrative assistant. Her father had a business of ceramics tiles, her mother was a house wife and her brother was studying accounting.

She was a vegetarian and her appetite was good. She had craving for spicy food. Her urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally she was more tolerant to heat and couldn’t tolerate cold weather in any way.

Her sleep was sound and refreshing. Her menstruation was regular.

There was no family history of psoriasis.

On taking her personal details, she shared undergoing lots of stress. She had a disturbed relationship with her mother and she expected more affection and time and understanding from her father; however he was more involved in business and so he couldn’t give her quality time as per her expectations. These situations along with her skin complaints were affecting her and she had lost her peace of mind. She had become very negative minded. On trifles she would get irritated and feel frustrated about the whole situation. In frustration she would shout at her mother for silly matters. Due to financial constraints she was made to stay with her paternal grandmother`s sister, who was also very dominating and straight forward. Her aunt was also strict and non sympathetic towards the patient’s problems. She felt choked up; she had no outlet to express her feelings. All her emotions were bottled up. She had become reclusive and she preferred keeping her emotions and her feelings to herself.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and prescribed her a constitutional medicine along with research based medicines. Dr Shah also advised her to undergo a thyroid test.

At the 2 months follow up, on12 December 2011, Ms. M.K.P reported improvement in her skin condition. Her skin had started clearing up, the itching, burning and the scaling was much better. There were still boils coming up but she felt more positive in her mind state and this was the first time in the last 2 years that Ms. M.K.P. had seen improvement in her skin condition. As advised she had got her Thyroid levels checked and her TSH value was high. She had started tablet eltroxin for the under-active thyroid.

At the 3 months follow up on 23 Jan 2012 Ms. M.K.P reported that she was 30-40 % better in her skin complaints. The itching was less, the oozing had reduced significantly.

At the 5 months follow up, on 5 March 2012 she reported marked improvement in her psoriasis, she reported having 75 % improvement in her skin condition. There were no boils and the patches on skin had begun to heal very well. There were no active lesions; the reddish lesions were healing with mild hyper pigmented marks. She was explained that these were part of the healing process.

She required a great deal of attention and counseling. She was receptive and now her
approach towards life is changing; she could look at everything with a positive frame of mind.

She again reported at the center on 27 March 2012. The skin was further better. She could note 85 % improvement since she started the treatment. She was very happy with the treatment. She has not used any steroid based cream in the last five months. She has not required any antibiotics. She is just applying moisturizers.

When she first visited the center, she was under severe pain and suffering. She said that the most distressing question was, “Will it ever end? Will I ever get a permanent solution?” Now she was very happy and satisfied. She has experienced the healing touch of Homeopathy.

She has been advised regular treatment and follow up for another six months.

(Uploaded on 30th Mar 2012 by Dr ZAR)

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