A medical doctor recovered from her Lichen planus and went into 10 years old remission.

Dr N.R., 29 year old (patient identification number- 4930), a medical practitioner, was suffering from Lichen Planus since 1996.She visited Life Force in August 2002.

She was suffering from moderate to extensive Lichen Planus with many active lesions on the whole body, with more concentrated spots on the legs and feet, with severe itching and hyper pigmentation. The itching was more in the night and increased in periods of stress. She experienced burning in the skin, which was relieved with cold water.

Her case was studied in detail.

She was sweet by nature, well educated, a doctor by profession, running her own clinic.She was sad and undergoing stress due to non-acceptance by her mother in law. She had married out of her caste and her husband’s parents had refused permission for marriage. So their behavior towards her was far from friendly. This led to severe stress in her life. She had a busy practice and there was stress to manage home, clinic, and relatives. In this setting, she developed Lichen Planus.

She had an average appetite with craving for spicy food, normal thirst.

She had profuse perspiration on palms and soles; she could not tolerate hot weather. Her sleep was disturbed.

Dr Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her homeopathic medicines.

She reported after three months, she was feeling much better, no new lesions appeared, itching had reduced, and old lesions started drying up. She was happy and her anxiety and stress also relieved and now she could sleep properly.

After six months, she reported that there was no itching and the lesions had flattened. Dr Shah again reviewed the case and prescribed suitable remedies to prevent recurrence and for the post Lichen Planus Hyper-pigmentation. She could shortly stop her treatment with a complete recovery.

On 29 December 2011, she came from Qatar in person to Life Force. She had got a recurrence in her Lichen Planus since the last three months. Her hope brought her to Dr Shah by recollecting her past experience of treatment.

This time she did not get it all over the body; she only had few lesions on her feet and ankles.

Patient was the eldest sibling. She had one younger sister and one younger brother. Her husband also was the eldest sibling, who had two younger sisters. Her husband was well settled financially, however, they had a lot of responsibilities towards their younger siblings. Therefore, most of the salary was spent on relative’s education; marriage etc. ??she lost her father due to a prolonged illness. Being the doctor in the family, she was looking after him. Her mother was not keeping well. ??They had not yet purchased a house. ?She was recently in India to purchase a house, however they fell short of the required finances. These were currently the main stress in her life. ??In this setting, she had a recurrence in her Lichen Planus. ?Recollecting her past experience, she immediately came to India, to visit Life Force. She met Dr Shah and started her treatment.

Dr. Shah prescribed her homeopathic medicines. She was happy to meet Dr. Shah, as she was sure that he would cure her Lichen Planus.

She was in remission (disease free interval) for around 10 years. Now due to severe stress, she had developed a mild recurrence. She again chose homeopathy for its treatment.

Uploaded on 2nd Jan by Dr P.D.

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