A difficult condition of Acne Rosacea cured completely with homeopathy...

A 64 year old lady, Mrs. R.S. (Patient Identification Number 15619) visited Life Force Center for multiple medical problems on 9 March 2011. She was suffering from Acne Rosacea, Gastritis, Alopecia Areata, under active Thyroid and Hypertension. She appeared to be disturbed and very stressed out because of all these complaints. Her case was taken in detail and each of her complaint was inquired upon systematically. She had complaints of constant redness on face, especially around nose and cheeks. The redness was associated with continuous boil formation on the face. There was severe itching along with bleeding after scratching. She also mentioned taking Homeopathic treatment from last 2 years for it without any relief. She was diagnosed as having Acne Rosacea.

The symptoms were increasing and people around her would take notice and ask her about it. This was very disturbing for her. She was also suffering from under active thyroid and high blood pressure for which she was taking regular allopathic medications. She also mentioned having acidity and a bloated sensation all over the abdomen. She would take antacids regularly without significant relief. She had this vague itching on the palate associated with raw sensation, which was better only after taking antihistamines. Mrs. R.S was tired with these multiple problems and had given up all hopes of recovery from these complaints. She was averagely built and she had a very sad look on her face. She was a vegetarian by diet, her appetite was good. There were no complaints in her bowel and urine habits. She had undergone a hysterectomy for uterine fibroid in the past. Her sleep was good but she would have lot of dreams which were very disturbing and not very meaningful. She belonged to a middle class family. Hers was an arranged marriage and she was facing some issues in her marital life as her husband was reserved by nature. Her husband was short tempered and suspicious. She couldn’t adjust to his temperament. Her relation with him was not good and they would have lot of fights due to his suspicious nature. He even didn’t like her talking to relatives. This was very annoying for her as she was used to a very free environment in her maiden house. The discord between them was so severe that she said with weepy eyes that her kids have grown up only seeing their fights. On several occasions she felt like leaving him; but carried on only for her kids. As time passed by, the situation went from bad to worse. Her husband is presently retired and stays at home most of the time. So she faced more criticism and surveillance.

They had a big fight after which they are not in talking terms now. She expressed having a lot of suppressed anger and frustration due to such a bad life situation. She said that she was sensitive and sentimental by nature and now was getting involved in spirituality, as a means to seek solace and peace of mind. Her only support was her daughter. Her daughter understood her mothers sacrifice and commitment towards the children. She had witnessed her suffer silently. She respected her mother a lot for her resilience. After going through the case thoroughly Dr Shah prescribed her Staphysagria 30c along with our research based medicines. She followed up on 27 April 2011. Mrs. R.S. reported that there was mild improvement in the itching and redness on the face. The appearance of the eruptions was less. Her acidity, heart burn and her itching in palate was the same. Based on her feedback the medicines were enhanced. Dr Shah prescribed Staphysagria 200c.

After four months, on 8 June 2011, Mrs. R.S reported that the acne rosacea was almost the same but had not spread further. She reported with definite changes in her acidity and heart burn, the itching in the palate was also much less. Her appetite had slightly reduced. Thyroid test was done in Sep 2011, the reports were normal and she was continuing the allopathic medicines for it. By 8 months of treatment, on 8 November 2011, Mrs. R.S reported having significant improvement in her Acne rosacea. The itching and redness was better by almost 70%. The itching had stopped. There was further improvement in her acidity and heart burn. The itching in the palate was better and there was no need to take any antihistamines.

She visited the center again on 3 February 2012. Mrs. R.S. reported that she was feeling much better in her acne rosacea problem. There was no redness and no boils on face. Her skin had returned to normalcy. Her acidity had almost gone. Her itching on the palate was better and there was no need to take an antihistamine. Acne rosacea is a difficult condition to cure. However we see a chronic and difficult case responding to homeopathy. She had redness and inflammation on the skin, and she had a deep hurt and indignation within. When all these aspects were taken into consideration, the prescribed remedy helped to heal her completely. (Uploaded on 25th Feb 2012 by Dr.ZAR)

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