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I believe only homeopathy could heal my psoriasis...

A patient Mr. R.K.V [PIN 15029] reported to the center on 29 October 2010. He was suffering from extensive psoriasis since 1997. He got the first lesions at the age of 12. He developed a few spots of psoriasis on his legs, they gradually spread. Then in 1997, he was treated with some injections, after which there was good remission for four to five years. Then again he developed psoriasis lesions on his face, scalp, and legs. By 2008, the entire body was covered by Psoriasis. He was using Ayurveda medicines, but they were not helping him. He had extensive lesions all over his body.

psoriasis on body

The lesions would increase in the winter, after infections, by any allopathic medicines, even by Crocin. He also suffered from Food Allergies. He had swelling on the lips after eating mangoes, sour food, wheat, bread, oily food, eggs and perfumes.

He was a shy and reserved individual. He liked to be alone. He was excitable by nature. He was happy over small things, he would weep easily. He was always hurried, worried and sensitive. He felt very awkward due to his psoriasis. He would wear full clothes to hide his skin lesions. His psoriasis lesions would increase after anger, anxiety and stress.

photos of psoriasis on legs

He was sensitive to cold weather. He had a craving for ice cream and cold drinks.

He had a family history of psoriasis. His father was suffering from psoriasis and his mother had diabetes.
He had suffered from malaria and jaundice in childhood.

Dr Rajesh Shah consulted the patient and prescribed a constitutional remedy, along with his research based remedies.

psoriasis on legs

By 10 February 2011, he was better by around 50 %.
By 29 April, he was completely cured.
In six months there was a phenomenal recovery.

The patient was very glad. He said that he tried Ayurveda medicines for around one year, but still there was no recovery, but after treatment from Life force, the skin lesions, which were active from 2008, were cured completely. He gave a very heart touching testimonial, in which he described his agony and ecstasy.


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