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Fifty years old house wife Mrs. J. V. S. (Patient Identification Number - 17877) visited our clinic on 1st January 2012. She was suffering from Psoriasis since past 5 years. Her problem used to worsen every winter. She complained of red lesions and scaling on her hands, legs, scalp and back since past 1 month. She had tremendous itching. She had taken homeopathy medication from her family doctor in 2005, 2009 and 2010 in winters for 3 months with mild improvement.

She was a vegetarian. She liked eating salty and spicy food. She had normal thirst, bowel movements, urine, perspiration and sleep. She preferred cold weather. She had attained menopause 7 years back.

She was a home maker. Her husband was in business of exporting garments. Her son was an IT professional working in a private company located in Bangalore. Her daughter was working as a real estate agent.

She was mild and sensitive by nature. She got emotionally upset since her son went to Bangalore for a job. She was attached to her son and when he went to Bangalore for his job it was an emotional impact on her.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research based medicines after studying her case in detail.

She visited us on 14th February 2012. She had mild improvement in her lesions on both legs. The lesions on hands, scalp and back were still the same. Dr. Shah prescribed her enhanced dose.

She visited us on 6th April 2012. She was amazed to see the results. The lesions on scalp, hands, legs and back had recovered up to 70 %. She reported that her itching and scaling had also recovered significantly. There was no redness. Patient was happy with the improvement.

She visited us on 27th August 2012. She was glad to report that her lesions had improved by 85%. There was no itching, scaling or redness. There were no new lesions and old lesions had healed. There were post lesion marks which would fade eventually.

She reported on 25th December 2012. She was in path of recovery although we had anticipated aggravation in winters as it was seen in past years.

She reported back on 21st February 2013. She had mild aggravation due to change in weather. She complained of itching, scaling and redness on scalp, hands, legs and back. Dr. Shah's prescribed her enhanced dose.

She reported on 21st May 2013 with 60% improvement. There were no new lesions. The lesions on scalp, hands, legs and back had started recovering. The itching and scaling had reduced up to 60%. There was no redness on the lesions.

She recently reported on 28th October 2013. She had recovered completely. There were no new lesions. The old lesions had healed completely and marks had faded considerably. There was no itching, scaling or redness.

Patient was immensely happy and satisfied with Dr. Shah’s Homeopathy treatment.

(Uploaded on 16 December 2013, by Dr. I.R.)

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