A 30 years old female Mrs. S. S, visited our centre with the complaints of severe pain throughout the body.

A 30 years old female Mrs. S. S, visited our center with complaints of severe pain throughout the body. She had been suffering from these complaints for the last 3 years. It had increased in intensity since last 2 – 3 months. She would get pain in any part of the body, anytime. The pain would remain for 7 – 8 hours. It was a pulsating type of pain. The pain would increase under stress, exertion, irregular sleep, loud noise, etc. She would be relieved by hot fomentation. She had been prescribed pain killers, anxiolytics, and anti-depressants, but it did not seem to give relief.

She also had an associated complaint of under-active thyroid for 2 years. She was taking thyroid supplements.

There was no diagnosis; however, a doctor had said fibromyalgia! One doctor had said that these are neuralgic pains, associated with anxiety.

We had to take a very detailed case to understand the real problem.

The pain was the presenting complaints, what lay beneath?

What was the underlying turmoil?

The inquiry was conducted in that aspect.

She was the eldest in her family, consisting of parents and a brother and sister. She had done engineering from an esteemed institute where she had been a topper. Her father was an engineer and owned a chemical factory in Jharkhand. Her mother was a housewife. Her siblings were completing their education. Basically, she was from Jharkhand, but she had come to Mumbai for a job. Her in-laws stayed in Jharkhand. At present, she was living with her husband who was working in the IT industry as a software engineer. She herself was working in another IT company.

When her life situation was inquired about, she described it as stressful. In her childhood, there were severe financial issues that were stressful for her, as she being the eldest had to take responsibility at a younger age. Her relations with her parents were disturbed. She had developed low confidence and become a negative thinker. She was helpful to others. She was honest enough to reveal a past love relationship which was disappointing for her. He had promised marriage, and later on, he ditched her, “I was cheated”. This incident had affected her deeply. She had become sad, low, and depressed. Now she was an anxious person, getting tensed easily. She would feel suffocated; she would have giddiness and vomiting whenever she was tense.

She described herself as sensitive and if anyone did not listen to her viewpoint, or not listen to her suggestion, she would feel as if they hurt her self-respect.

She will feel happy when her husband talks affectionately and then she would forget everything. Till then, she will brood and sulk.

All her family members were apparently healthy.

Her appetite was average. She had craving for sour food. She did not like sweets. She had profuse, generalized perspiration, especially on the face, palms, and soles. She was chilly and sensitive to drafts. She had started with alternate diarrhea and constipation for the past 2 months. Her sleep was disturbed with nightmares and she had a habit of talking in the sleep.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she has prescribed a research-based medicine along with Nat Mur 30C.

In the first follow up she reported a 25% improvement in her neuralgic pains. Her anxiety was mildly decreased.

In the next follow-up after 4 months there was a significant improvement in her complaints of neuralgic pains and anxiety.

She reported after a year for some other minor ailment. When inquired about the neuralgic pains she said that they were almost better by 70%. Her anxiety had gradually reduced.

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