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This boy had colds more than 15 days in a month; got completely cured of this problem..

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A 6 years old hyperactive boy, S. B. Y (Patient Identification Number - 14912), visited our center on 2nd October 2010 with the complaints of frequent cold. He was referred to us by his family physician who himself was benefited by homeopathy for his own problem. This complaint had started 3 – 4 years back. He would have running nose every 2 - 3 days, which would last for 2 -3 days. More than half the month he would suffer and need some medication or the other. The nasal discharge would be watery and thin. His complaints would increase during school time and would decrease during vacations; probably due to exposure to pollution while traveling or may be due to cross-infection from classmates. He would be treated by conventional medication as and when required.

His appetite was average with no specific craving or aversions. He was thirsty and chilly patient. He would perspire profusely on whole body, especially palms and soles. There were no complaints with urine and bowel habits.

His family consisted of father, mother and an elder sister. His mother was a housewife, father was an insurance agent. He was a student of 1st std and his sister was in 5th standard.

The child was other wise healthy, cheerful, hyper-active. He was talkative, obstinate and mischievous. His mother was very particular about his studies and discipline. The child was cooperative and sincere.

There were no major illnesses in the family.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Silica 200C and a research based medicine.

In the first follow up after 6 weeks, he was better by 50%. He had experienced remarkable improvement in his frequency of cold. There was a complaint of mild cough which was apparently treated.

In the subsequent follow ups there were few episodes of acute cold and cough which was adequately treated by Dr. Shah.

As he was in safe hands of homeopathy, the child was cured of his frequent colds. This case one of the thousands of cases of frequent colds treated with success using homeopathy at Life Force.

(Uploaded by Dr Megha and AP, 29th Aug 2011)

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